A New Start

This is the first time I am writing words on a blog in a very long time. It feels good, I know that much.

Now, as you can see — and if you have known my website form before — I have also revamped my whole personal site that is ChrisSpiegl.com. It is now a static page generated with 11ty and that gives me a lot of peace of mind actually — mainly because I just can do whatever I want with it and do it in code without being bound to the constraints some other systems have.

What you can see here now is actually a first version of everything new. I am already pretty happy with the site as is, but I have some big plans for certain areas still. I love the new dark theme again (reminds me of my website that I had around 2005 actually) and I also believe that I will enjoy whole markdown writing and publishing experience again as well.

But what about the unfinished parts? Well, the gear area as well as the reading list and movies watched are not really ready. They are functional but the content is lacking in many ways. That is going to need some work over the course of the next few weeks. Little by little, I am sure I will get there.

Another project I have in front of me, is that I actually plan on republishing all old articles that I have available to me on this page again. That includes about 100+ old articles published between 2012 and 2019. Does anybody care? Maybe not… but truth be told, I am doing this for myself to have my own timeline available to me, an archive of thoughts.

I like that I chose to publish now. I know I can be somewhat hesitant. I love to make things perfect before I launch. But if I do that, I’ll probably never launch. So, here is what is ready for now and I will add to the site as I go forward.

Please feel free to use the contact details I have scattered around this page if you have some feedback or thoughts.

If you are waiting on something, trying to get it perfect, maybe now is the time to launch. I am sure having it done feels better than waiting.