Online Marketing,
Web Optimization,
and Brand Building

I am a traveling content creator and consultant. I have been working online for the past 15 years did so from over 30 countries by now. So one could say, I love location independent business ideas.

“My goal is to work with motivated and
inspiring people.”

My goal is to work with motivated people to build highly successful businesses and brands. To improve your own life and to have a positive effect on the people around you and me.

I’m focused on building businesses that support life – instead of creating businesses that consume all your time and suck life out of you like a vampire. Remodeling workflows and improving efficiency, optimizing conversion rates and outsourcing parts of your business are things I love to look at.

“A business should be built for the purpose of providing the owner with pure personal freedom – whatever that means to them”
~ Timothy Marc

I’m sure this will improve your quality of life, free up time and give you the opportunity to spend more time with your friends and family – or travel the world – whatever you are interested in.

If you are interested in working with me, feel free to send me an email and we’ll schedule a video call to discuss your ideas, needs and options.

Now, have an amazing day. Focus on what’s important and get stuff done!

P.S.: to see what I am doing right now – working on, thinking about, planning – please visit my NOW Page.

“If we did all of the things that we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

Companies & Passions

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CS Consulting

Support & Execution

Focused on workflows, accountability, business development, online marketing. and web optimization. I take a look and we work to improve your business together. Starting from your process all the way down to the technical details.

Work With Me
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Make It Your LIFE

Thoughts, Stories, & Ideas

I love to create content. It's my passion next to everything else, it's where I put my energy. Putting others in a place of motivation, energy, and giving the tools necessary to strive towards their goals. Are you building? Let's chat.

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Founder & Maker

You want to know where your friends are? Join travelers from around the world on Homebase.WORLD and share the city you are at with your travel friends. Make some plans, and meet them again in a different place!

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Founder & Maker

Do new people register in your SaaS? Let your project talk to you and send notifications directly to you via Telegram. It's easy to integrate and super simple to setup. Once done, you'll receive those motivational stats, and of course you can use it for error messages as well.
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Co-Founder & Maker

Doing writing sprints with fellow authors is a great way to boost productivity, avoid procrastination and exceed your daily word count goals. Plus it adds a fun, social aspect to writing. But you can’t always meet up with a bunch of writers in real life. So we made a simple tool you can use to race against other writers.
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Crisp Explainer Videos

Founder & Director

is a dedicated team of creatives and marketers. Focused on explaining your product or service to your customer. Thus growing your business to the level you want it to be.
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Co-Founder & Producer

is an online-video-show about learning to bake at home. With over 2000 Subscribers on YouTube and 800 fans on Facebook. (German language only)
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Consulting & Development

is a new kind of dashboard for traders. Giving you an overview of some of the most important indices and indicators about the market. This way you can make smarter decisions to start the day.