Important Carry

I travel a lot and these things come with me wherever I go.

I bring these things in addition to all the camera gear.

MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max

The new M1 Max MacBook Pro is absolutely incredible. The battery runtime, the efficiency, the power — the best computer I have ever owned. Your computer is the one thing tto bring it all together, and it better be fun to use!


Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

I enjoy this little everyday pack. It's a tiny bit too small for my taste and it would be great to feature a second place for a capture clip, but for everyday carry it's nice and very usable.


Peak Design Field Pouch

These are great for organizing your stuff. I use the Charcoal for my everyday stuff. Batteries, Manfrotto Mini Tripod, Keys, Money, and a Pen. I also use this with the SlideLITE and it's a great little package. This is my cable and charger bag. It's great to organize your stuff this easily.


Peak Design Large Camera Cube

I put this into the Travel Backpack from Peak Design and it just stays there. It's a great organizational tool and the back and side openings make it very easy to access everything easily.


Peak Design Packing Cube (Small & Large)

I got the large and small packing cubes as well. They work great with a lot of cloth, compress nicely, and all the materials feel more durrable than with all the other packing cubes I previously owned.


Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

I upgraded my previously owned Peak Design Everyday Backpack to the Travel Line version mainly because of the back opening and more room for stuff. It's a much bigger backpack but it's so much more convenient.


150W USB-C Charging Station

A charging station for my desk. 100W for the MacBook Charging, and another USB-C for other things, then two extra powerful USB-A charging ports. It's so important to have good, powerful, charging for your devices so you don't brick your batteries too fast.


Anker Power Core 20100

I use the PowerCore litterally wherever I go. It's in my handbag and protects me against my phone ever dying.


Anker USB Type-C 50-Port 60W

This thing is awesome. Charges my all the gear. One thing to charge it all. The one downside: charging the MacBook is way slower than with the original. But it's an amazing home desk station.


Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen

These are my favorite Apple headphones as of Sept. 2022! They have 6 hours of noise cancelation while listening to music and you can also pop them into the case for a charge and get up to 30 hours of music listening in total. Additionally, you have spacial audio, transparency mode and much more. They fit great and don't fall out of my ears and I'm just all around very happy with them.


Apple Watch Series 7 Titanium

I never owned an Apple Watch before but the Series 7 finally made me get one. It's a cool gadget featuring loads of health sensors, fitness and activity tracking, notifications, Siri, and more! So far, I would recommend it.


Bose Quiet Comfort 35

Editing video, photos, coding or just any work on the computer with other people or noises around? These are golden. I love the sound. I love the noise canceling. It's incredible. Get them! These are the best for planes and in coworking spaces or coffee shops. They have awesome sound quality, fold up, and are just generally awesome.


LED Headlamp

This is a no brainer for everybody who is traveling a little more. It's super useful, wether in hostels, or when you're going down some dark allyways when arriving to your villa on Bali. Just starp it on and walk with light.


Nalgene Bottle

My go to bottle for water everywhere. It's big enough to hold about a full liter, and it's durrable enough to not break. I also like the big opening to clean it propperly.


Nalgene Lid

I prefer this lid for the Nalgene Bottle because without it, it's really hard to drink from the big opening.


Roost Laptop Stand

Whenever I am traveling or otherwise on the road working on my MacBook for a little longer, this is a life saver. It helps me situp straight and not hunch over my MacBook screen as bad. Obviously it's a great idea to combine this with the Magic Trackpad and Keybaord.


Zendure Supertank Pro - 26800mAh - 100W

A powerbank that outputs 100W to actually charge my MacBook Pro a second time. It's impressive! But not just that, it also charges my phone, camera, and everything else that supports USB-C. I love this thing.


Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

I love this keyboard. I travel with it all the time and I use it when I am at home as well. It's super light weight and great to travel with. I have been using mine for 5+ years at this point and have been around the globe twice while using it in combination with my laptop travel stand and the Apple Magic Trackpad! Basically, that's my office on the go.


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I tried the Magic Mouse for some time and used it when I had my first iMac, but since I have chosen to go with the Trackpad version for multiple reasons: it does not matter what groudn I am on, and the gestures are much more powerful!


Digestive Bitters

I love me some digestive bitters to help my digestion function better.


Kindle Paperwhite

Reading on the road has become increasingly important for me over the years. The Paperwhite gives me loads of books and a good reading experience.


USB Type-C Adapter

Just a little adapter to use oldschool USB devices.


USB Type-C Hub

Another of those new MacBook lineup dongles. This one gives me Charging, USB-C, oldschool USB, 2 Individual HDMI Displays, and a card reader!


Zinc Spray

Tim Ferriss recommends this in some travel advice videos against sickness specifically around the mouth. Two sprays into/around the mouth and I feel better faster wherever I arrive.


Charger for AA & AAA Batteries (USB Type C)

As you may have noticed, I love USB Type C things. And sometimes I need AA batteries (for the Zoom H5 for example) and this is what I charge them batteries with.


Faber-Castell E-Motion Fountain Pen with Medium Nib (M)

Having written most everything of the past few years on a keyboard, I am really delighted to write with a fountain pen (for the first time since middle school). This is such a different league of a pen though! I truly enjoy it.


Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook

I've gone back to paper note taking and journailng. These are lovey and I don't want to miss them ever again.


Universal Travel Charger

Kind of obvious when you travel to different countries. There are ones with USB plugs built in as well which come in very handy. I also usually have a extension cord with a 4x hub on it so I can charge batteries, and run my laptop off of all that.


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