Video Kit

This is my video and photo creation kit. Pretty much all the tools I use and travel with.
Things in this kit are all in my travel bag. Most of it is in the PeakDesign 30L Backpack. I love this gear.

Sony Alpha a7II

I made the switch from Canon to Sony in late 2016 and decided to go to the a7II first. Then in May 2017 I also bought the a7S II for the video and lowlight capabilities. But I still prefer the A7 II for photos (megapixels sometimes count).


Sony Alpha a7S II

In late May 2017 I bought the a7S II - in addition to my a7 II - for the video slow motion (1080p120fps & 4k internal) and lowlight capabilities. I still prefer the a7 II for photos (megapixels sometimes count) but in the video arena the a7S II is my new beast.


Sigma ART 35mm f/1.4 for Canon

I have this lens with the Canon mount and the adapter MC-11 made by Sigma as well. I love this lens. It's incredibly sharp and has an amazing bokeh as well as shallow depth of field. Just lovely.


Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2.0

This lens is incredible on my full frame a7. It's super sharp, nicely wide but not creepy wide. For video it's also a almost 35mm with the APS-C mode on the a7 which is super handy. I love this lens. Also this is the lens I use most of the time when shooting with the Gimbal (or handheld vlog). I also think it is wide enough for most vlogging situations (just sometimes I wish to have a 20 or 18mm).


Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8

This is a sharp beast. I sometimes wish it was a little longer (maybe 105 or 135mm) but that's a different kind of lense. This is great for portraits and throwing backgrounds out of focus. Just lovely.


GoPro Hero 5 Black

Upgraded from the GoPro Hero 4 Black. Now with the display on the 5 and the linear modes. I did not think that the upgrade would be so massive. I was absolutely positively surprised - sidenote: the not needing the housing helps as well!


DJI Mavic Pro - Fly More Combo

This is the first drone I ever owned. One thing: I found it incredible what kind of perspectives it gives you on your surroundings. It's just incredible. Get one, be in awww, and shoot great new scenery.


DJI Mavic Pro - ND Filters

Recently added these to my kit to have some better frame rates with my Mavic in harsh sunlight. Works wonders.


DJI Mavic Pro Controller Clip

I have heard bad stories about the controller sticks being displaced. Now I have this clamp and it feels better - if it helps - I don't know.


GoPro 3 Way Grip Arm

The only selfie stick I ever owned.


GoPro Dome

You want to get these really cool split shots of above and below the water with your GoPro? This is what I use.


GoPro Hero 5 Dual Battery Charger

As before with the Sony batteries - charging batteries inside the GoPro is just nonsensical. Use this and you can charge two at the same time. In total I own 3 GoPro batteries right now.


GoPro Suction Mount

This is great for mounting on windows or cars.


GoPro Tripod Mount Adapter

I have a tripod quick release plate attached to this adapter and it helps me mount the GoPro to all kinds of tripods easily.


Peak Design Capture Clip

I have both clips - the pro and non-pro. I have to say: for almost all use cases I would recommend getting the non-pro. The pro is just not that much better (and it's even a little heavier).


Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L Charcoal

My newest update. I got the PeakDesign Backpack 20L first. That was a little too small. Now I have the 30L version and it's almost perfect. All the stuff listed in this kit lives inside this backpack. Drone, Sony, Lenses, GoPro, Laptop. Everything! Again: I love it.


Peak Design Field Pouch

These are great for organizing your stuff. I use the Charcoal for my everyday stuff. Batteries, Manfrotto Mini Tripod, Keys, Money, and a Pen. I also use this with the SlideLITE and it's a great little package.


Peak Design Lens Kit

This is amazing to store or carry two Sony E-Mount Lenses all the time. I can attach it to one of the Capture Clips or just throw the lenses into my backpack. So much more convenient.


Peak Design Slide Lite

I love the system that PeakDesign build with these little attachment things. They are everywhere on my gear. Camera, Lens Carrier, Field Pouches. It's so versatile. Just great.


Rode smartLav+

One amazing mic. I love this lavalier - easy to attach, and you don't have any extra bulky sender / receiver. Just easy and clear sound.


Rode VideoMicro

Great on camera mic - small, does not need an extra battery.


Zhiyun Crane v2

Butter smooth. This gimbal works great with the weight I am putting on it. And it is small - makes it easy to travel with.


Joby GorillaPod 5K Kit

The vlogging magic. Super versatile and great for small and big cameras. If you are working with mirrorless cameras and don't care about the base plate, then the smaller ones are a great choice. But combined with other tripods, and the peak design capture clip, this is your choice since the plates are the same. So you can connect your camera to whatever without screwing anything on or off.


Manfrotto Phone Mount

This also has a tripod mounting plate attached and that way I can use my phone on all my tripods. Great for live streams and such.


NP-FW50 Dual Battery Charger

Charging batteries inside the camera does not make sense. With this charger you can charge two at the same time via USB (or just use a battery pack) - I now own two of these! In total I own 8 NP-FW50 batteries (2 original, 6 third party).


Quick Release Clamp

I have two of these adapter mounts. One is screwed to the Gimbal / Stabilizer, the other is on the mini Manfrotto tripod. It makes switching between these so much easier.


Rode SC3 3.5mm TRRS to TRS Adapter

Adapter to also be able to record the SmartLav into a audio recorder or camera.


Rode VC1 10' Extension Cable

Long cable to be able to sit in front of the camera and still use the SmartLav. Kind of defeats the purpose but this way I don't have to sync in post. Especially useful when recording courses / long video material with a lot of talking.


Samsung T3 Portable SSD 500GB

This is probably the best upgrade to my gear I made in 2016. This drive is (I tested it) faster in reading / writing than my internal drive. And it makes video editing sooooo much easier! I love it.


SanDisk Ultra 128GB

You need storage in the GoPro, Sony as well as the Drone. So now I am only using these microSD cards. That way it's confusing but also easier. I have one card that could go into all of them. Oh and I have 4 or 5 of these!


Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 (Canon EOS to Sony E-Mount)

Since I started using the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART, I had to find an adapter. This is the one I chose. It is half the price of the Metabones and seems to work wonders! Works great for all the lenses I have tested (the Sigma 35, and a hand full of Canon EF lenses).


Sirui T-025X Carbon Fiber Tripod

This is an amazingly light tripod. And for me - traveling a lot - having a light tripod is one key thing.


Viltrox DC-50 5' LCD Monitor

The Sony a7 series does feature a flip out screen. As I do a lot of videos where I just sit in front of the camera and talk for a while - and I still want to know if the camera is still on - I bought this fairly cheap monitor. Really useful in those situations - not so much for vlogging. / Music for Video Creators

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