Camera Kit

This is my video and photo creation kit. Pretty much all the tools I use and travel with.

Things in this kit are all in my travel bag. Most of it is in the PeakDesign Travel Backpack (with the Podcast Gear as well). I love this gear.

Canon EOS R

After 3 years with Sony I decided it was time to go back to my first love: Canon! The system I started with. I mention one thing: the flip out screen and supirior video codec for 1080p just got me! It's an incredible camera and I can not wait until there is a 1Dx type version of the mirrorless cameras Canon offers.


Canon EOS R (Secondary Camera)

Two cameras? Yep, I actually love having two cameras because it means that I can have two angles while filming or two different lenses when taking photos. It's incredibly helpful and has made my work much easier! Why a second EOS R and not something like the R6 or R5? For one: price. And second: the EOS R is a great camera and for now good enough for all I do. Yes, I'd love to shoot 4k everything… but for now that's just not feasible.


Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8

Over the years I noticed again and again that this is my area of shooting on full frame. It's a beautiful range for landscape captures as well as video (vlog and otherwise). And for shallower depth of field, I would always stay away from the 4.0 versions of these lenses.


Canon RF 24-105mm f/4.0

After over a decade of only shooting with prime lenes I finally decided it was time for a zoom lens and play around a little bit to see what it can offer my video making and photography. The f/4.0 is not what I would prefer but at everything else about this lens is damn impressive!


Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM Macro

Super light weight, razor sharp, and with shallow depth of field. This is a must have lins in my opinion. Helps make things look natural but you are not too far away from the camera. And it's really good for those portraits.


Canon RF 70-200mm f/4

One of the constant dreams of mine is to have the f2.8 version of this lens. However, that one is significantly heavier than this one. So, for now, the f4 will be my travel companion to get those compressed portraits, that different perspective in landscapes, and overall open up a whole new range of photography and video work.


GoPro Max 360 Camera

Capturing 360 video? Yes, please. I'd love to play with this more.


iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Black

As always, I am using an iPhone. Right now it's the 11 Pro max. I am actually not sure if I would get the Max again if I had the choice as I would like my phone to be a bit smaller and I usually do all the video and photo editing on a computer anyways. But then again… the Max always has the best cameras and battery power.


GoPro Max Dual Battery Charger

Charging those 360 video batteries.


GoPro Max Grip + Tripod

The selfie stick to use with the GoPro Max. No matter if in Hero mode or 360 without the stick in the frame.


B+W Variable ND Filter (77mm and 82mm)

The first ND filter I ever bought (now I use two of them) and it's a game changer for film making. It also makes life a little harder (having to remember that there is another variable to take into consideration), but the results are visibly better when done correctly. This is a lovely ND filter and especially: it has stop points so no overdriving it at the ends.


Zhiyun Weebill 2 Pro

Not the first gimbal I owned but certainly the best and most powerful! With the in-built display, the wireless transmission system, the strong motors, great menu structure, and small form factor it's a no brainer to bring on my shoots and travels.


Atomos Ninja V

Filming over 30 minutes with the current Canon cameras is impossible so I got the Atomos Ninja V to do the recording to a harddrive in ProRes. Added benefit: you have a great monitor, the files are much easier to edit on my MacBook thanks to ProRes, and I get additional wave forms and stuff.


500GB SSD for the Ninja V

The Atomos Ninja V needs these for storage. Thankfully they are much cheaper than getting SD Cards.


NP-F970 Batteries

Running the Atomos Ninja V or Zoom F6 in the field, you'll need some NP-F style batteries.


NP-F970 Dual Charger

Charging those NP-F style batteries for the Atomos Ninja V and Zoom F6.


Aputure MC

Great small colorful lights to set some accents. I run two of these.


Elgato Cam Link 4K (HDMI to USB capture card)

Doing some live streaming with a propper camera? This is a great solution to do so. Works nicely, only downside is that it makes the laptop fans scream for their lifes.


Movo WS160 Microphone Windscreen

When there is wind while vlogging or making videos outdoors. Just gotta have one of these. Fits the Rode VideoMic NTG perfectly.


Oktava MK 012 Small Condenser Microphone

I was looking for a new microphone for my in studio work so I do not have to always hook up my Røde VideoMic NTG and then put it back onto my vlogging camera! I did tones of tests and the Oktava is the one I stuck with. It has great versatility with the different capsules and it sounds really good.


Peak Design Capture Clip

I have both clips - the pro and non-pro. I have to say: for almost all use cases I would recommend getting the non-pro. The pro is just not that much better (and it's even a little heavier). But that aside: I love the Capture Clip. I can use it with all the plates I use. It's great! I have one of these mounted to one of the straps of my backpack. The second is mounted to my belt.


Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

I enjoy this little everyday pack. It's a tiny bit too small for my taste and it would be great to feature a second place for a capture clip, but for everyday carry it's nice and very usable.


Peak Design Field Pouch

These are great for organizing your stuff. I use the Charcoal for my everyday stuff. Batteries, Manfrotto Mini Tripod, Keys, Money, and a Pen. I also use this with the SlideLITE and it's a great little package. This is my cable and charger bag. It's great to organize your stuff this easily.


Peak Design Large Camera Cube

I put this into the Travel Backpack from Peak Design and it just stays there. It's a great organizational tool and the back and side openings make it very easy to access everything easily.


Peak Design Slide Lite

I love the system that PeakDesign build with these little attachment things. They are everywhere on my gear. Camera, Lens Carrier, Field Pouches. It's so versatile. Just great. The best part: on my camera I can have a strap and then detach it in seconds. Where that takes forever if you don't have a strap system like this.


Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L

I upgraded my previously owned Peak Design Everyday Backpack to the Travel Line version mainly because of the back opening and more room for stuff. It's a much bigger backpack but it's so much more convenient.


Røde SM4-R

Oh, yea, the Oktava MK-012 needs a shock mount! It's basically mandatory. I tried a cheap one and the Røde SM4-R and the SM4-R was the clear winner in this test!


Røde SmartLav+

One amazing mic. I love this lavalier - easy to attach, and you don't have any extra bulky sender / receiver. Just easy and clear sound. Downside: you have to sync in post (or use the long cables and adapter listed as well).


Røde VideoMic NTG

I love this video mic on top of my camera. It basically is always on there. Has auto shut off, sounds incredible, and is durable. Just an all round amazing mic.


Røde VideoMicro

Great on camera mic - small, does not need an extra battery.


Røde Wireless Go II

Live streaming? On location interview recording? Or doing workouts in front of your camera? A wireless lavalier microphone set is always good to have. The Røde Wireless Go II features great sound quality, local 24bit recording, and two transmitters which send to the same receiver. It's a true allround talent and a must in my camera bag!


Tentacle Sync E

Syncronizing multiple cameras can be a pain — especially when they don't support propper timecode. Sadly most mirrorless cameras don't have that feature. But luckily the Tentacle Sync E can give you Timcode on all cameras that have an audio input! And now it's just like 4 clicks to sync all those files up in post!


Tentacle Track E

Recording 32bit float in the field with a tiny recorder and and a lavalier? That's where the Track E shines! It's super light weight and easy to use but at the same time features great audio pre-amps and sound quality. Combined with the Sync E set these recorders are incredible. Just not very usefull when you want to do live streamd… then you'll have to look at the Wireless Go II set!


Zoom F6

Working with 32bit float audio is a dream come true. It's basically like having RAW files for audio work. This is my go to podcast recorder and I also use it in my studio so I do not have to worry about the gain setting of my microphones while I am recording myself.


Anker Power Core 20100

I use the PowerCore litterally wherever I go. It's in my handbag and protects me against my phone ever dying.


Canon AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6AC

When doing long filming sessions or even live streams a power adapter for the camera is something I can not live without. So here it is.


Canon LP-E6N Battery

Going for the branded batteries. Yep. I have a total of 3.


Folding Tripod Mount

Whenever I have to mount my iPhone to shoot some photos, timelapse, or video. this has a in built Arca-Swiss compatible plate and that's all I want.


Friction Arm

A helpful little tripod alternative for small things (aka microphones, and stuff). I love it.



This is the old version of this project. They have version 2.0 on Kickstarter right now and I backed them immediately. Being able to shoot raw photos and high res video on the camera of my choice and then immediately being able to edit all that on the go with my phone and share to Instagram and similar is one of the main reasons for this device to exists (next to being an incredible backup device for on the go). I can't wait to hold version 2.0 in my hands.


LP-E6N Dual Battery Charger (USB Type C)

Dual charger! Always a must. I basically always leave the original charger in the box and go straight to these types to just be more versatile, especially since this one also supports USB Type C charging which is so much more common now!


National Geographic Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

The new tripod on my side. It's really incredible what a difference it makes when you can actually stand in front of your tripod for filming — and ofcourse you can also stand behind the camera without being hunched over. This tripod is light weight, it's relatively small when packed, and has a great height of over 158cm when extended all the way.


Quick Release Clamp

I have two of these adapter mounts. One is screwed to the Gimbal / Stabilizer, the other is on the mini Manfrotto tripod. It makes switching between these so much easier.


Rode SC3 3.5mm TRRS to TRS Adapter

Adapter to also be able to record the SmartLav into a audio recorder or camera.


Rode VC1 10' Extension Cable

Long cable to be able to sit in front of the camera and still use the SmartLav. Kind of defeats the purpose but this way I don't have to sync in post. Especially useful when recording courses / long video material with a lot of talking.


SIRUI B-00 Tripod Head

This is a great match for my National Geographic Tripod. It's light, has the safety pin, and all the adjustments I need.


Samsung T3 Portable SSD 500GB

This is probably the best upgrade to my gear I made in 2016. This drive is (I tested it) faster in reading/writing than my internal drive (since then I upgraded to a new MacBook Pro and that has a faster internal drive, but for expansion this is still my go to drive). I love it. I can't wait till I can afford to upgrade to the 2TB version of this.


SanDisk Ultra 128GB

You need storage in all the devices. So now I am only using these microSD cards. Not as powerful but easier. I have one type of card that could go into all of them. I have 4 or 5 of these!


Sirui T-025X Carbon Fiber Tripod

This is an amazingly light tripod. And for me - traveling a lot - having a light tripod is one key thing.


Zendure SuperPort 4: 100W USB-C Desktop Charger

A charging station for my desk. 100W for the MacBook Charging, and another USB-C for other things, then two extra powerful USB-A charging ports. It's so important to have good, powerful, charging for your devices so you don't brick your batteries too fast.


Zendure SuperTank USB-C PD Portable Charger

A powerbank that outputs 100W to actually charge my MacBook Pro a second time. It's impressive! But not just that, it also charges my phone, camera, and everything else that supports USB-C. I love this thing.


Adobe Creative Cloud

For a creative person, I guess this is a must have. Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Audition are the programs I use most out of this suite! / Music for Video Creators

Are you using music in your videos? Have you ever had a video be claimed by the artist? Not with this service. ArtList provides a huge library of music which you can use for your own videos as well as videos that you produce for clients!



This is where I get all my music for videos from. It's a one time license so you don't have to pay a yearly subscription! And they have sound effects as well!


Charger for AA & AAA Batteries (USB Type C)

As you may have noticed, I love USB Type C things. And sometimes I need AA batteries (for the Zoom H5 for example) and this is what I charge them batteries with.


LumaFusion for iOS

Mobile video editing on steroids. It's incredibly powerful and you can do a lot on the go. I still prefer to work on my MacBook and feel more productive there but if I must do it mobile, this is the tool for bigger videos.



Analyzing your YouTube channel? TubeBuddy is your best friend.


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