Apps & Services

There is an App for that!” is almost an epidemic.

But here are some services and apps I use and recommend regularly.All the things on this list are services I use or have used.

Adobe Creative Cloud

For a creative person, I guess this is a must have. Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Audition are the programs I use most out of this suite!


AirBnB - Get $40 off your first adventure

I use AirBnB to find stays all around the world. Houses for retreats, apartments for short or long term stays, or sometimes just a room. There is everything and it's awesome. / Music for Video Creators

Are you using music in your videos? Have you ever had a video be claimed by the artist? Not with this service. ArtList provides a huge library of music which you can use for your own videos as well as videos that you produce for clients!



This is where I get all my music for videos from. It's a one time license so you don't have to pay a yearly subscription! And they have sound effects as well!


Digitalocean - Server Hosting

My website and all my web services are run on one DigitalOcean Server and it works like a charm. It's more work than just having a webhost for a website, but it's also more flexibility.


LumaFusion for iOS

Mobile video editing on steroids. It's incredibly powerful and you can do a lot on the go. I still prefer to work on my MacBook and feel more productive there but if I must do it mobile, this is the tool for bigger videos.


N26 Bank

My main bank at the moment. Easy to use, great notifications, and fast management.



I like checking cities that I am going to on NomadList to get an idea about what the city will be like, how much it will cost, and so on. It's also a great platform to remember where I have been in the past and where I am going next.


Revolut Banking

One of those new banks that's really powerful to use while traveling. Especially because you are able to hold many different currencies.


Scaleway - Server Hosting

I host my website and web services all on one server with Scaleway.


Skillshare - My Online Curses

The Netflix of Courses. You pay one price and there is so much you can learn on this platform it is unbelievable. I publish my classes here!


Trade Republic

I do all my stock market investing with Trade Republic. I especially love their free monthly contribution savings plans with ETFs and individual stocks.


TransferWise - Send Money Abroad

When I get paid internationally, TransferWise is the best place to send big money through. It's pricing on international cross currency transfers is great.



Analyzing your YouTube channel? TubeBuddy is your best friend.


Zoho - Free Invoicing & Accounting Software

The annoyance of running a business… you have to do invoices and accounting. Zoho makes my life a little easier in this regard.


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