Podcasting Kit

This is what I use to create my podcast episodes. On the road, over the internet, or at home, solo or with a guest. It’s all here.

Shure BETA 58A

My podcasting microphone of choice — I own three of these. It's incredibly durable and built like a tank while sounding absolutely stunning for my taste. It's also great in rejecting handling noise and thus very good for handheld work.


Zoom F6

Working with 32bit float audio is a dream come true. It's basically like having RAW files for audio work. This is my go to podcast recorder and I also use it in my studio so I do not have to worry about the gain setting of my microphones while I am recording myself.


Table Top Mic Stand

Sometimes you chill on a sofa with the mic hand held… but sometimes, you just want to sit on a table and the mic should stand by it self. While traveling it's not easy to carry heavy mic stands, these come in very handy every so often.


XLR Cable (Nylon Braided)

I love nylon braided cables so I was really happy when I found these for the XLR connection for my podcasting setup.


Adobe Creative Cloud

For a creative person, I guess this is a must have. Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Audition are the programs I use most out of this suite!


Charger for AA & AAA Batteries (USB Type C)

As you may have noticed, I love USB Type C things. And sometimes I need AA batteries (for the Zoom H5 for example) and this is what I charge them batteries with.


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