Dream Kit

There are some things that I wish for in life. And they are collected here. 

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera

Capturing 360 video? Yes, please. I'd love to play with this more.


GoPro Fusion Dual Battery Charger

Charging those 360 video batteries.


Glyph Atom Raid 4TB SSD

With the higher storage needs of the 4K 60FPS and the more video I produce, the storage is an interesting subject. I would love to test this against the Samsung T5 drive that I own - it looks very promising. Especially that this box has 4TB of SSD storage and can do it in a RAID-0 meaning mirroring the data and almost doubling the read/write speeds. That'd be crazy good!



This is the old version of this project. They have version 2.0 on Kickstarter right now and I backed them immediately. Being able to shoot raw photos and high res video on the camera of my choice and then immediately being able to edit all that on the go with my phone and share to Instagram and similar is one of the main reasons for this device to exists (next to being an incredible backup device for on the go). I can't wait to hold version 2.0 in my hands.


Samsung X5 Portable SSD

I am currently using the 500GB version of this and I am in love with it. I would probably upgrade to the 2TB version as soon as I upgrade my gear - but there is a contender in the ring. The Glyph Atom RAID 4TB SSD looks super promising and I might have to test both.


Moment Lenses

The best iPhone/Mobile lenses on the market for sure. And I'd love to have them all.


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