Since I am not traveling as much I built myself a desk setup. This is what I use there.

Canon EOS R

After 3 years with Sony I decided it was time to go back to my first love: Canon! The system I started with. I mention one thing: the flip out screen and supirior video codec for 1080p just got me! It's an incredible camera and I can not wait until there is a 1Dx type version of the mirrorless cameras Canon offers.


Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM Macro

Super light weight, razor sharp, and with shallow depth of field. This is a must have lins in my opinion. Helps make things look natural but you are not too far away from the camera. And it's really good for those portraits.


Atomos Ninja V

Filming over 30 minutes with the current Canon cameras is impossible so I got the Atomos Ninja V to do the recording to a harddrive in ProRes. Added benefit: you have a great monitor, the files are much easier to edit on my MacBook thanks to ProRes, and I get additional wave forms and stuff.


500GB SSD for the Ninja V

The Atomos Ninja V needs these for storage. Thankfully they are much cheaper than getting SD Cards.


Aputure MC

Great small colorful lights to set some accents. I run two of these.


Elgato Cam Link 4K (HDMI to USB capture card)

Doing some live streaming with a propper camera? This is a great solution to do so. Works nicely, only downside is that it makes the laptop fans scream for their lifes.


Oktava MK 012 Small Condenser Microphone

I was looking for a new microphone for my in studio work so I do not have to always hook up my Røde VideoMic NTG and then put it back onto my vlogging camera! I did tones of tests and the Oktava is the one I stuck with. It has great versatility with the different capsules and it sounds really good.


Røde NT-USB Mini

You want the simplicity of using a USB microphone? Then the NT-USB Mini may be a great choice for you. Combined with the Røde Connect app and the ability to record 4 microphones at the same time this could be all you need for your 4 person interview podcast.


Røde PodMic

A great competitor to the Shure SM7B which is a classic in the vocal recording world. The PodMic is great for podcasts, delivers a clear voice, and also looks pretty incredible.


Røde SM4-R

Oh, yea, the Oktava MK-012 needs a shock mount! It's basically mandatory. I tried a cheap one and the Røde SM4-R and the SM4-R was the clear winner in this test!


XLR Cable (Nylon Braided)

I love nylon braided cables so I was really happy when I found these for the XLR connection for my podcasting setup.


Zoom F6

Working with 32bit float audio is a dream come true. It's basically like having RAW files for audio work. This is my go to podcast recorder and I also use it in my studio so I do not have to worry about the gain setting of my microphones while I am recording myself.



Whether you are live streaming or you would like to record multiple cameras at the same time, the ATEM Mini lineup will have something for you. I chose the cheapest option with the ATEM Mini which does not provide recording internally, but it does allow me to switch between cameras live and that signal is then recorded in the ATOMOS Ninja V which means I do not have to edit as much in post processing. This is especially powerful when creating courses which can be hours in length.


Apple AirPods

One of the best investments ever. So small, so practical, and totally worth it. The only downside is that the generation one drains the batteries too fast in calls and thus one has to switch between the two ears a little and put the other into the charging case — luckily the charging goes fast enough, so that 15 mintues of charging gives you about an hour of talking time.


Behringer X-Touch Mini

Controlling the ATEM Mini is not that easy so I got this MIDI controller and built a software I call "ControllThemAll" to make scene switches seamless and give me more hardware knobs to control things.


Bose Quiet Comfort 35

Editing video, photos, coding or just any work on the computer with other people or noises around? These are golden. I love the sound. I love the noise canceling. It's incredible. Get them! These are the best for planes and in coworking spaces or coffee shops. They have awesome sound quality, fold up, and are just generally awesome.


Canon AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6AC

When doing long filming sessions or even live streams a power adapter for the camera is something I can not live without. So here it is.


Feelworld T7 Monitor (for Teleprompter)

Ofcourse, for a Teleprompter you'll need a Monitor and this T7 is the best I found for a good price. It's big enough, has good resolution, and especially: it features a flip feature so you can mirror a computer monitor into the teleprompter and despite it being shown on a mirror, you actually can see everything like normal and use it as if you were using a normal computer screen!


Friction Arm

A helpful little tripod alternative for small things (aka microphones, and stuff). I love it.


MacBook Pro 15" 3.1GHz (Mid 2017)

At some point, my 2012 MacBook Pro was done. Upgrading to the fastest machine apple offered early 2018 was the best I could do to upgrade my workflow. Get some more speed and editing fun. Your computer is the one thing to bring it all together, and it better be fun to use it.


Mic Desk Stand by K&M

Handholding a mic for an hour or two is not really ideal. That's why I like to use these desk stands when possible.


National Geographic Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

The new tripod on my side. It's really incredible what a difference it makes when you can actually stand in front of your tripod for filming — and ofcourse you can also stand behind the camera without being hunched over. This tripod is light weight, it's relatively small when packed, and has a great height of over 158cm when extended all the way.


Roost Laptop Stand

Whenever I am traveling or otherwise on the road working on my MacBook for a little longer, this is a life saver. It helps me situp straight and not hunch over my MacBook screen as bad. Obviously it's a great idea to combine this with the Magic Trackpad and Keybaord.


Røde PSA-1 Mic Arm

I own the Røde PSA-1 Mic arm but I don't love it. There are really cheap alternatives which work great (and sometimes better than the expensive PSA-1 (specifically for light weight microphones). But I love the PSA-1 for overhead mics and some other use cases.


Samsung T3 Portable SSD 500GB

This is probably the best upgrade to my gear I made in 2016. This drive is (I tested it) faster in reading/writing than my internal drive (since then I upgraded to a new MacBook Pro and that has a faster internal drive, but for expansion this is still my go to drive). I love it. I can't wait till I can afford to upgrade to the 2TB version of this.



Being able to see myself while filming right in the lense? A game changer for studio work. No display "slightly off to the side". It really makes producing courses and the like much easier!


Zendure SuperPort 4: 100W USB-C Desktop Charger

A charging station for my desk. 100W for the MacBook Charging, and another USB-C for other things, then two extra powerful USB-A charging ports. It's so important to have good, powerful, charging for your devices so you don't brick your batteries too fast.


Apple Magic Keyboard

Whenever I work on my MacBook, this keyboard is with me. Especially when I am connected to an external monitor or the MacBook is on the Roost Stand! I just love this keyboard.


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

I tried the Magic Mouse for some time and used it when I had my first iMac, but since I have chosen to go with the Trackpad version for multiple reasons: it does not matter what groudn I am on, and the gestures are much more powerful!


USB Type-C Adapter

Just a little adapter to use oldschool USB devices.


USB Type-C Hub

Another of those new MacBook lineup dongles. This one gives me Charging, USB-C, oldschool USB, 2 Individual HDMI Displays, and a card reader!


Flexispot Height Adjustable Desk

Having a hight adjustable desk is absolutely necessary. It opens up so many options to change things up while working on a long video!


LG Ultra-Wide Monitor LG 38UC99-W

When travling I always just had a 15" MacBook screen to work with. Having this Ultrawide monitor changed the game forever. I always miss it when I am not at home.


Walkolution & Ära Stehtisch

Walking while working has been a huge topic for me starting in 2021 and this is an incredible manual treadmill (no electricity required). It's made out of mostly wood and extremely high quality. The standing desk is beautiful as well. I am walking tones more thanks to this and it really has helped me to be more creative as well.


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