Working Smarter

Over the past 10+ years, I’ve collected loads of knowledge in the area of social media marketing, website building and optimization, and online marketing, through books, articles, courses and lots of trial and error. Now I want to put this knowledge to good use for your business.

“Small changes can have a great impact on your revenue. We’ll work together to put these small changes in place to give you an edge – Work smarter and harder at the same time.”

A Look At Your Business

We’ll have a look at your business – how it is structured and what your goals are. Based on this knowledge, we’ll take a look at your distribution channels (your website, blog, social media profiles and other platforms). One by one we’ll analyze them and reveal what we can improve or optimize to gain more visitors and increase your conversion rate. We might decide to rebuild some parts of your site, modify the design or create a totally new branding – I am here to help you all along the way.

More Traffic With Less Time

Once those first improvements are implemented it’s all about getting more traffic to your site. We’ll have a look at some new marketing tactics and campaigns, hustling our way to get some media attention or work with social media engagement – which has proven to be very valuable in this day and age.

“We work on the business and that’s only possible if the business does not consume all your time!”

The Next Level

We’ll bring your business to the next level. By improving your user experience, increasing your conversion rate and in the whole process achieving the one goal every business has – a high revenue. And not to forget: By having an extra focus on the systems of your business, we’ll accomplish more while reducing the time spent operating it – we are here to work on the business and that’s only possible if the business does not consume all your time!

Now, let’s get in touch and have a look at your business in a 30 to 60 minute Google Hangouts call. Just send me an email and we’ll schedule a call in the near future. I will show you right then and there what I’d remove, improve or modify. I provide this first session completely free of charge.

I am looking forward to working with you!


Consulting per Hour

175 € / Hour

You have a content platform? A Blog, Podcast, Youtube Channel? But you are not clear on how to monetize or develop those further? I want to support you in growing your business by developing ideas on how to improve it. We’ll start out by taking inventory to see where you are at. From there we develop ideas together what next steps might be.

Looking at your business from this higher level view and then diving into the details is one of the best ways to foster growth and expansion. We are working to create a bigger picture. A vision and a plan.

I am inviting you to get in touch so we can schedule a free consultation so I can get to understand your business and spark some ideas to see what we can work on together.

  • Take inventory of your current Web Presence
  • Build concepts around your website, social media channels, and other strategies
  • Product development and idea generation (ebooks, downloadable products, courses, etc.)
  • Productivity and Workflow Improvement
  • Newsletter Integration, User Engagement, and Autoresponder Sequence Creation
  • Streamline Content Production and Publishing

What My Clients Are Saying

Fabian Roth
Trader & Blogger, Nürnberg, Germany

“Working with Chris was really great: Super fast reaction time for any suggestions and the communication was very kind.

The advice is still the most important of course: He has literally considered every detail we could think of and we are really impressed with our new workflows, website and branding.”

Céline Raschke
Entrepreneur, Ludwigsburg, Germany

“Chris made great proposals for my websites, presented several ideas to improve my workflows and included suggestions for later optimizations right away. I am very pleased with the result and the whole process.

I’d recommend his services because he took the time, listened and help wherever he could to rebrand my businesses for success.”

Manuel Ernst
Author & Coach, Berlin, Germany

“My experience, working with Chris, was great. We focused on creating my new and improved website, which in turn helped me to hold users longer on my site and increase newsletter signups.

Overall he is responsive, delivers fast and offered an impressive repertoire of ideas to improve my online persona and website. “