Shutting Down my Newsletter


A Story About Minimalism, Focus, and Reduction.

This will be the last newsletter I am going to send to this list (I’m actually deleting it after). It’s a bit of a sad story, and there are multiple parts to it. Let me explain:

Focus on Less

At the beginning of the year, I set out with big goals. 52 Blog Posts, 52 Newsletters, 52 Videos, and 52 Podcast episodes. One for each week on each platform. That in itself isn’t that big of a deal, and I still believe it would be possible. The question is if it actually makes sense, me happy, and if it’s productive in ways that I want.

Looking back at the first quarter of the year I actually did send a newsletter for each week, and I published new articles as well. I posted some videos and my first two podcast episodes. But is that were I want to go with it? Not really.

So now I am finally taking my own advice (to concentrate my energy on what works). I am going to focus my energy on two platforms: Instagram and YouTube.

In full transparency, those two platforms are the ones where I reach more people, grow faster, and have most of the engagement with my community. Comment threads, getting to know new people, and interacting with the humans I create for.

It’s finally time to acknowledge that. Step out of my comfort zone. Re-embrace those two profiles and create more on there. More minimalist, more creative, directed, honest, and accepting.

I still have plans for the blog and my new podcast, but I am not making any promises for those two. The one thing that will definitely continue is the Monthly Goals Report Series – however, there’ll be a big cleanup this in the next one.

I also will keep posting to Twitter and Facebook. I just don’t know how active I will be there. I have a feeling Twitter might become interesting again, and Facebook will just die slowly.

So the best way to follow my journey from now on is to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and add me on Instagram @ChrisSpiegl.

One More: The GDPR & Europe

The reason which inspired me to think about all of this.

The GDPR - aka The General Data Protection Regulation. You might have gotten emails from a whole lot of companies talking about the way they are going to change their privacy policies in May the 25th. It’s almost annoying at this point. But the idea behind it is actually a pretty good one (for consumers).

Data protection is definitely an issue. What do companies know about you, how do they handle your data, where is it stored, and what do they do with it. I like the idea of more privacy and that the customer gets a more of a say in what’s going on with her/his data.

However that also presents – once more – a big challenge for smaller businesses, freelancers and the like. Those who don’t have access to a bunch of lawyers to figure that stuff out for them. In my opinion, the new situation is pretty annoying, and I kinda don’t want to deal with it.

So I am choosing to reduce the data that I am managing and storing with different services. One of those services I was using is MailChimp. It’s the service I am using to send these email updates. MailChimp as a service are pretty helpful in the transition to a new GDPR conform way, but what better way to store customer data by just not storing it at all.

We will see how much this all will matter in a year from now. Maybe my decision is a drastic one. But for me – right now – it’s the right way.

How to Stay in Contact – Come Say HI

Would you like to stay up to date with what I am doing, where I am going, and what’s to come? Then the best places are Instagram (@ChrisSpiegl), and my YouTube Channel (Chris Spiegl. Both of which will see an increase in content through the decision to step away from the other platforms.

To connect with me directly please either send me an email ([email protected]) or message me on Telegram (@ChrisSpiegl).

Thank You for this 1/4 Year

I’ve received some amazing replies to these newsletters. How some got inspired to write their own goals report, others enjoyed the music I linked to, and the videos/articles that I suggested. Thank you for these interactions and I hope we will have many of those in the future.

I hope you will join me on my other profiles. In anyway, this is the last email newsletter from me that’s making it’s way to your inbox. But one last time I’d like to leave you with some quotes of inspiration and then the show will go on - on Instagram. Enjoy.

With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Chris Spiegl