Kickstart the Weekend with some TV?

KW 14 April 2018

Camera Gear Giveaway by Gnarbox 🎥, the TV Series Suits 📺, an Anonymous Music Artist 👨‍🎤, and much more.

Suddenly you switch the environment and everything changes. As we arrived in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, feeling more at ease on this island, I find it much more enjoyable. Getting more work done, enjoying the restaurants, green views (as seen in my Instagram Story), and having a dip in the pool for a good mid-day break. It’s lovely. As of now, we are looking into staying in Ubud for the next 6 weeks until we fly to our next destination in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

So it’s clear to me, there are at least two factors to productivity in the craziness of travel: having a pleasant environment and getting settled a little bit in a country. Knowing your way around, some necessary words, internalizing the money exchange rate. All of that, and then some, took about two weeks for me this time. It’s different in every place, sometimes I get lucky and the first accommodation is a perfect match (like in Kuala Lumpur), but sometimes it takes a bit longer.

How are you experiencing this kind of environment switch, or do you only work in one location and take vacations away from work? For me, work is on the road with me. So I have to find a way to make it work.

But I digress, let’s head into this weeks bullets: