Starting 🎥 YouTube Again, Shaping my 🌅 Morning Routine, and the Thunder in Kuala Lumpur 🌦

KW 11 March 2018

I’m getting ready to move to Bali. But first we have some more work to get done. Videos to be published. And things to be learned.

My last week in Kuala Lumpur just started, and I’m mentally already getting ready for Bali. But first there is more work to be done, and things to experience. I the last week, explored the city just a little tiny bit, met with friends, and shared some lovely conversations. It’s one of the beauties of living with no home, meeting up with people around the world. Experiencing different cities together, and building connection in different places.

One of the guiding themes of the last few weeks has been me shutting down a whole bunch of projects. This week that decision haunted me again. I almost wanted to restart one of them. But in the end, I was able to break through, get to the core, and actually get moving on what I actually want to do more of. The result is in the “What I am doing” section of this weeks email.

If you have any interesting links, apps, ideas, or videos, please share them with me for the upcoming issues of this email newsletter. I’d love to know what you are interested in.

Sidebar: if you are interested in hearing crazy thunders and daily short bursts of rain, come to Kuala Lumpur. It’s an incredible light show every afternoon. I love it. It’s refreshing and cleansing.

Let’s see what this week has in store: