Cleaning Up, Learning Things, New Month, and Killing Projects

KW 09 March 2018

Please make sure to open this email. I will soon remove everybody who hasn’t opened at least one of the last 5 emails from me

I hope you are doing great. It’s the first week of March. Can you believe that that’s already two months done of 2018? I hope you are on track with your goals. I kinda am, but more on that in the goals report.

A lot is going on this week. Specifically, I would like to let you know that I am going to remove a bunch of subscribers from my email list soon. It’s not really helpful to send emails to people who aren’t even opening them, so I am going to remove everybody who hasn’t opened at least one of my last 5 emails. Obviously, you are reading this, so you should not be affected by this and receive my weekly emails as per usual. If, however, you don’t receive a new email in the next 2 weeks from now, please let me know or enter your details again on the newsletter page.

And while I am talking about a culling. That’s also what I have been doing with some projects of mine. I spread myself too thin. More on that in the What I am Doing section.

If you have any interesting articles for me or tools that I might be interested in, please reply to this email and tell me about it. It’s always exciting to see some new stuff come up.

But now, let’s dive into the 4 bullets: