👻 The Graveyard Book, ✈️ Airplane View, and Tracking Your Time ⏳

KW 08 February 2018

How are you planning your calendar? And do you hold yourself accountable to what you planed?

The first week in Kuala Lumpur and I practically haven’t left the building except for buying groceries. It’s pretty amazing what food can taste like when you do the cooking yourself again. The meditative act of doing so is a nice addition to my schedule.

I am looking to launch a whole bunch of stuff (Podcast, some new YouTube videos, a course, and two software projects) in my time here before heading over to Bali, Indonesia (granted the island will still be there after the Volcano is active again).

I met up with a mastermind buddy of mine here and we are co-working and co-living. And it’s pretty powerful to surround each other with that kind of motivation and accountability.

I highly recommend to do the Calendar Planning over the weekend (mentioned in the What I am doing section). Enjoy and start the next week strong!

Let’s dive into the 4 What’s: