January Goals Report, Chrome Extensions, and Journaling

KW 06 February 2018

Hello again, it’s been an exciting week. I spent most of my time learning about audio editing, understanding how to publishing a good sounding podcast for free with SoundCloud, and then didn’t do it for now.

Aside form that I was fumbling around with adapters on my the new MacBook (trying to mirror two external drives with just one USB-C to old school USB adapter is pretty much impossible). Getting used to it though and I am very excited for a future where everything is USB-C or the new Thunderbolt (which uses the same connector type).

So much about tech. Personally I’ve been enjoying my time without Netflix and YouTube but it also brought me to the breaking point where I just had to binge a little. Learning to balance between being productive and letting go is one of the things that comes up more now. I’ll probably share more about this in the future - once I understand how I handle it better.

And since a bunch of new of you subscribed: I created this email archive where you can read all the newsletters that I sent out: Newsletter Archive

But let’s get into the 4 bullets for this week, shall we?

What I am testing: Chrome Extensions (YouTube Video) [8 min]

I’ve been trying the different browses on the market for the past 3 weeks. Firefox came out with a new interesting version some month ago, Safari has some cool new features for privacy and anti ads, but at the end? I always come back to the Google Chrome browser. The reasons for that are: speed, integration with the Google services, and the vast amount of extensions which are available!

Last year I made a video about my top 6 favorite extensions for Google Chrome. I still have these installed and some more. They are helping me have a more beautiful experience (Momentum Dash), be more productive (Facebook News Feed Eradicator and Video Speed Controller), as well as be more secure throughout the net (HTTPS Everywhere). Links to all the extensions are in the description of the video.

You an Watch the Full Video on Youtube

What I published: My January 2018 Goals Report

I missed sharing my January Goals Report in last weeks email. So I have two articles for you this week.

January was a successful month for me. I feel that I started strong and that the public statement to publish the goals report brought me to a new level of commitment. On top of that the responses I’ve received about sharing goals publicly and the different areas I am focusing on has been very good to see. Please keep that up.

The other article I published is one I actually wrote last summer, but I never put it on my website. There is s learning there: drafting something and then not putting it out there is holding back all of it’s potential and energy. But I am letting go of perfection more, enjoy:

What I am reading: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (affiliate link)

I’ve been listening to the full cast production of The Graveyard Book for a few days now. It’s intriguing, has a great voice cast, and I can’t wait to finish it. I’ve seen that there is a also a graphic novel version which I’d love to read!

Kindle, Audiobook, Paperback

What I am doing: Journaling

I’ve been on and off the journaling train for years by now. Sometimes doing it daily, other times not for months at all. But I’ve started to pick the practice back up. With that, I am also trying to build a stronger morning routine where journaling (a short 5 minute sit down for writing out thoughts) has a strong place.

“Am I willing to spend a little time every day like many people won’t, so I can spend the better part of my life like many people can’t?”

~ Anonymous