Watching Nothing, Social Media Tools, and Reading 📚 Simon

KW 05 February 2018

Everything good on your end? It’s great to see you are taking the things I am sharing here and using the ideas and tactics in your day to day life. I also got more messages about the Blocking Instagram Followers Story from last week that I am doing a follow up this week (you can read last weeks newsletter here if you are new here).

But in general: I am on the brink of creating some more videos about small things like the tool I used for cleaning up my IG account. Please stay tuned, and I will make sure to send them in the future emails once they are public. For now - text will suffice I guess 🙈. If you have anything on your mind I should definitely cover, please reply to this email and let me know.

Now, here are the 4 What’s:

What I am reading: Start with Why by Simon Sinek (affiliate link)

Last week I mentioned that I watched the speech Are You Willing to Risk It All by Simon Sinek [38 min]. That speech inspired me to pick up the book “Start with Why” (finally - I have thought about that book so many times the last 12 months). Now it’s on my kindle and phone. I’ve read the first 3 chapters, and I am enjoying it so far. I’ll keep you posted what think once I am at the end.

What I rediscovered: Buffer – Social Media Scheduling

As I am planning to publish more on Social Media, the MakeItYour.LIFE blog, YouTube, and other platforms, it’s becoming more and more evident that doing all these one by one is quickly getting out of hand. That’s where I remembered that there are tools for that.

One of the coolest companies in that space certainly is Buffer. With a 100% remote team, they are part of the remote work and location independent living revolution, and that’s reason alone to support them. But they also offer the snappiest interface. Super easy to use and you can schedule Twitter, Facebook (Page, Group, Profile), LinkedIn, and Instagram (posting reminders) post! Easy! I love it. On top of all of that, it’s free for a limited amount of accounts and posts!

If you are managing multiple accounts on Social Media and would like to pre-plan some of those posts, I definitely recommend you check out Buffer.

What I am watching: Nothing

Really? You may think. Well at least in the last 5 days I have taken a video, Netflix, TV Series detox. My experience is that it’s easy for me to have a bad day and then just let myself slip into a show or some YouTube videos once I am home and unwinding.

In general, I think there is nothing wrong with it, but I feel that it has a tendency to distract from what’s actually happening. It’s just numbing the pain - pushing it away. It’s a way of procrastination. So I have been on a detox so to say. I am not sure for how long (and how extreme) I will continue with this. But for now, it’s been transformative, giving me time and space to just sit with the feelings, the stress, the struggles.

Netflix, YouTube, and online Videos (that includes Porn) are probably the closest I have come to addictions in my life. And it’s interesting to see how much of an impact it has to leave that untouched for a few days. I feel empowered by not indulging in those easy pleasures, and it helps me stay more focused on the important work.

What I am doing: Blocking Inactive Instagram Followers (Followup)

A follow up to last weeks story about me blocking followers on my main Instagram account (read last weeks newsletter here).

I have to say I would not have expected so many to ask how I did that and how my results are.

First, the App that I used to clean out Inactive Followers is called Cleaner and can be downloaded for free, but the In-App-Purchase is absolutely necessary if you want to batch process stuff.

One thing I have to say though: the app is not well done. It works, but it also breaks up sometimes (especially if your profile has a lot of followers).

The feature I used to clean out my followers was to first in the upper left side “Load all Users”, then “Quick Select” which gives the option to “Select Inactive Accounts”, and lastly in the upper right the “Action” button to “Block” those accounts. Adding them to the local queue to be processed over time (since Instagram has limitations otherwise your account could get stopped for some time). I might have to do a video on this process. Interested in a walkthrough? Let me know.

Regarding results? I ended up with about 10.000 followers less than I started. Now I have 18.059 followers on my @ChrisSpiegl account. So that’s the result so far. Now it’s going to be interesting where it goes from here.

“Vulnerability is the least celebrated emotion in our society.”
~ Mohadesa Najumi