Eye Gazing, Waking up Excited and Removing Dead Weight

KW 04 January 2018

I missed Friday. It does not feel right. I committed to Friday emails in my goals report, and that’s what I want to stick to. So this week you will receive two emails packed with information and links (I hope that’s alright with you).

On a different note, I am still residing in Chiang Mai. Until the 16th of February that is. That’s when I will be moving on. Flying over to Malaysia to live in Kuala Lumpur for 6 weeks. If you are around, let me know.

Without stalling further, here are the 4 What’s for this week:

What I published: Eye Gazing Meditation

I started meditating a couple years ago. At the time I used mostly the app Calm or just a simple timer. In the meantime, I discovered many more ways - one of which is an eye gazing meditation. This week I wanted to give back to the meditation space, share a short story about my eye gazing discovery, and how you can do it in the safety of your home with nobody watching. And with all that you can start eye gazing with me via video as well 🐵.

What I invested in: My New Workhorse

I finally upgraded my laptop from a mid–2012 MacBook Pro to a 2017 top of the line MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (nice gimmick). It’s been long overdue. But why would I tell you this?

In my work, the laptop is the number one machine. The one thing that I spend the most time with. Cameras are nice, phones are fun, but the MacBook? I currently spend at least 50% of my waking time in front of one. That warrants to be taken care of properly and thus comes one of the main aspects of upgrading mine for me: the excitement that comes with an upgrade - new speed, features, and the feel of something new (even though it may fade). Giving myself the tool I need to create the best content and work possible (plus: having fun doing so) instead of dwelling in frustration because my laptop, camera, or other gear is annoying me.

What’s your oldest piece of equipment you are using? Are you still happy using it, or is it time for an upgrade?

What I am watching: Are You Willing to Risk It All by Simon Sinek [38 min]

Inspired by an article titled “This May Be the Most Important Video on the Internet” by my friend Patrick Farell (@thegingernomad last week, I had to get back into Simon Sinek’s work. I am currently in the process of learning more about it. The speech is truly amazing, and I encourage you to watch it. Finding inspiration in my day, making the shift from “What I Have to Do” to a “What I Get to Do” is huge! What’s your shift?

What I am doing: Blocking Inactive Instagram Followers

From what most people see, I have a relatively large Instagram account (@ChrisSpiegl) with over 28.000 followers. What most people don’t know? It’s been built on a misstake. That happened in early 2017 when I accidentally (while seeing what all the “follower buying apps" were about) bought 10 thousand followers. It’s been a struggle ever since to have proper engagement, comments, and likes.

A few days ago, I watched a video about Instagram tips, and one of those tips was how we can remove inactive followers who are no help aside from bloating up the follower number.

So now I am in the process of removing all the inactive followers from my account. It will probably take a few days (maybe even weeks). I don’t know which number I will end up with. Perhaps I’ll fall down to 15k - but that will feel truer. It’ll be real.

With that said: I encourage you to do the same. In his video, Chris Has mentions that it’s actually helpful to have a more engaged account. Just a prominent number doesn’t help. But I have to honestly say: I never knew I could actively get rid of inactive (or bot) accounts. Good luck!

“When you do good for others, it actually inspires other to do good for others” — Simon Sinek