Clarity, Questions, and the Tim Ferriss Show

KW 03 January 2018

What has this year been about for you so far?

For me, it’s been all about growth, stepping into myself, and hopefully helping you do the same. Today I am putting the focus on some questions I asked my friends and family to get more clarity on where I should put my attention, I explore why it’s important to know your own value, and share how knowing your Whys is more important than the whats.

In all of these topics, I’d like to invite you to share your experiences (as always simply reply to this email). I am focused on making these valuable emails for self- and business-growth focused on you - the reader.

Without stalling further, here are the 4 sections for this week:

What I published: Three Questions for Clarity – Getting to Know Myself

This week’s article was about self-exploration through external feedback. My experiment was to ask three questions to a select group of people and hoped for some honest answers. That’s exactly what I got and it helped me develop a more robust base for my goals for 2018.

What I am contemplating: What’s my value?

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

~ Albert Einstein

Do you know your value? Your worth? Your price? It’s something I experience to be a big struggle for many (and certainly for me). How much should I charge? What value can I honestly give? And is it even valuable? The beautiful thing I am currently experiencing is that those thoughts can be changed or developed and updated.

I used meditation, self-exploration, coaching/healing sessions, and journaling as a tool to deepen my roots in that. The results are fascinating and hold many ideas for future articles and newsletter sections for sure. But to give you an idea here are some bullet points I discovered during the process:

  • I provide value and that’s worth something.
  • If I give away my knowledge or services for free, they are valued little or nothing (aka clients have to pay to appreciate my work).
  • I have to believe my worth before others will.
  • If nobody knows what I do and am capable of, nobody will know what to value.
  • Remembering why I do something is often more important than what I will do about it (this will be discussed further in the last bullet).

Most of those are - once discovered - the “seriously that simple” moments. But it is harder than I thought. Now I can say: go out there, present your work, and give people a way to see what you are about. Step into it, believe in yourself, and then don’t look back.

For me, stepping into my value meant to create clear Consulting Packages and a pricing structure. Now I am looking forward to working with more clients this year, supporting online business owners, and pushing you to reach your goals - or develop new ones. It’s going to be a wild journey, and I’d like to help you grow by stepping forward fast.

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What I am reading: What You Can Learn From Tim Ferriss’s #1 Podcast [8 min read]

Tim Ferriss has been a huge inspiration. Even these weekly emails I am sending are inspired by his 5-Bullet-Friday (that’s the best email signup for his newsletter that I found). His first book “The 4-Hour Workweek” changed my mind on business and life when I read it first in 2008, the follow-up books are packed with valuable information, and his podcast interviews (especially the guests he’s able to get) is just unbelievable.

The article is about some of the craziness that is the Tim Ferriss Show and what makes it so incredibly successful. Mainly talking about the interview style, Tims skill in researching and asking questions, and overall the dedication he puts into everything he does. All this is incredibly admirable and inspires me to grow and create more. I can definitely recommend looking through the list of episodes he has online and listening to a few. Some of my favorites are:

What I am doing: Answering the Whys!

Having set high stakes is nice. But there is more that has to get done to actually produce the output. I published my goals report last week and so far I have been pretty good in sticking to my plan. But there are already days that I feel are lost.

I have been processing this and one big thing came up in a conversation around it: WHY? It’s a mental construct made famous by Simon Sinek, but I wasn’t ready to apply it in the past few years. I only had rational answers that weren’t rooted very strongly. Now that’s different for me and I discovered that it’s a powerful practice. Asking why is something important? Why do I want to work out three times per week? Is it to look good, have more energy, stay healthy? And if so what’s the root of those? Some say you should ask “why” 7 times to get to the core of something. I would suggest taking an hour or so on Sunday to write down some whys to the goals you have set for yourself. And to increase the effect even further: come back to those whys once a week and remind yourself. Then after this priming plan the upcoming week - knowing why you are doing these tasks.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

~ Albert Einstein