KW 02 January 2018

KW 02 January 2018

Hello out there,

I am wondering where you are sitting right now. In a coffee shop? Is it the next morning and you are checking your phone in bed (maybe jump straight to the “What I am reading” part, I have something for you there). Is it freezing or warm outside? All these questions come up whenever I am sending an email to you people. I’d love to know more about you and see behind the curtain a little bit.

In addition to that, I also would like to get to know how you think I could help you with these emails in the future. My plan for this year is to send 52! One every week. I want them to be helpful, inspiring, and informative for you. And to do that to the best of my ability I want to encourage you to give me some feedback on what has been great so far, what you would like to see less of, and maybe also things that I could start doing that I haven’t put in here?

I am looking forward to hearing from you in reply to this email. Please don’t hesitate to write anything you can think of!

Thank you very much, and now let’s dive into the “List of Whats” for this second week of 2018:

What I published:

Last week I already sent you the 2017 Year in Review. I still held back my goals and resolutions as I was still working them a little bit. But this week I am happy to send you: My Goals for 2018

Publishing resolutions, goals, or intentions online. Sending them to all of you who are on this list. It’s pretty scary, and it’s something that I have stayed away from for the longest time. But one of my intentions for 2018 is to stay true to me. And to do that means that I have to acknowledge that I always wished that I’d be shameless enough to publish monthly goals reports online. Now I am strong enough to do hit that button.

The main quote that keeps me inspired to keep walking towards fears like my fear of putting my work out into the world is this one:

“We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.”
~ Seneca

I have it as a constant reminder on my desktop wallpaper, and I encourage you to write it down somewhere. Put it in your daily meditations. And mindfulness practice. It’s so unbelievably powerful to realize that so much is just in our heads.

What I am reading: No Sidebar / 7 Ways to Make This Year More Mindful [6 min read]

Considering the quote above I thought about an article by Melani Schweder on No Sidebar last week: “7 Ways to Make This Year More Mindful”. In it, she mentions that mindfulness will help all aspects of life. Whether that’s fitness goals, new work projects, or relationships. Mindfulness is all-encompassing - and there is no need for making it overly spiritual either. I agree, and I have noticed it in 2017 already. For this year, I want to focus on bringing more awareness, gratitude, and attention to all kinds of situations, so that was a good reminder.

What I am watching: Genius is Everywhere. Austin Kleon [1:48 min video]

In this very short video snipped Austin Kleon (author of “Steal Like an Artist”) talks about Genius and Scenius. If you are in any way creative, please watch it! It’s beautiful and empowering. If you are struggling to find your creativity or have a hard time appreciating what you are capable of creating right now, this short excerpt is definitely for you (and I would even recommend the full conversation between Chase Jarvis and Austin.

What I am rediscovering: Trello - Task Management and Team Collaboration

One of the challenges I face with my goals and projects is that I have many of them. Mixing that with work, it becomes even more overwhelming. Now the question is how can I possibly organize all of that stuff, and that’s where I rediscovered Trello.

It’s a really cool list and card based management tool for all kinds of things. It doesn’t matter if you want to manage tasks just for yourself, organize a team, random ideas, or the editorial calendar for your blog. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

For me, it’s been particularly interesting to use Trello this time around since I have started working on the boards with clients. It’s really cool to see how we are moving forward on the task list, putting stuff in the done box, and seeing the project grow very quickly.

Overall: Trello is easy to learn and use, it’s offline capabilities on mobile have improved tremendously since my last time using it, it’s incredibly fast for teamwork, and it’s free (unless you want special premium features which have a fair price). Maybe it’s right for you too?


I hope I shared something that inspired, brought you forward, or helped in some way. I’d like to invite you again to send me some feedback on what I am doing here. What would you enjoy reading here in the future? What kind of content is beneficial to you?

I am thankful that you are part of this journey and I am looking forward to your responses.

Until next week … keep creating,