The Working Actress: Anonymous Blogging Inspiration

So, rumor has it that the now Duchess of Sussex and former TV Show star on
Suits, Meghan Markle, ran a blog called The Working Actress before she reached
the highest at which she is operating now.

Let’s just say that’s inspiring to know. It’s not that I believe that writing an
anonymous blog helps with the process of getting famous — well, that’d be kinda
neat. However, it’s most intriguing to know that it is something that can happen
none the less.

I want to disclose that I never read the blog at the time it was active. I tried
finding articles or an archived version of it but that seems to be pretty much
all removed nowadays (not even [] has it). I
found some screenshots
that people shared but that’s about it.

The things that I get hung up on is that it looks like everything Mr. Markle
touched turned to gold at some point. It’s a belief rooted in jealous of course,
not very noble, I realize that. But it’s there and processing it is more helpful
than resentment.

The blog — despite being anonymously published — went on to become damn famous
in the world of Los Angeles and amongst actors and those that aspire to be one.
Then, if I assume that this was published by Meghan, she moved on to also
publish [] which was her lifestyle, food, and
travel blog for some years, she became famous with the Suits TV Show, and then
she married into the royal family of England. That’s a pretty crazy life story.

Now, I am far from trying to take her down, quite the opposite actually. It’s an
inspiring story. It’s a path that shows how dedication can pay off. We should
not forget that Meghan was building her career for a long time and she only
joined the world famous legal drama Suits when she was 30 years old. That’s an
inspiration if nothing else!

I often struggle with this thought. It’s the feeling that as I get older and
older, work my way around the mighty 30, that I question all the things I have
accomplished (or not accomplished). The projects I started, the ideas I tried to
bring to reality, the blogs I’ve written, and so on. There has been a lot of
trying, a lot of progress, and a lot of self-discovery. But I have not yet

Stories like the one by Meghan Markle are inspiration and desperation at the
same time. I don’t know much about her life and that’s often the problem with
these public personas. I don’t know all the struggles she may have had
throughout her career. I don’t know all the hard times. I remember that
somewhere I read a quote which supposedly was from The Working Actress Blog
where she wrote:

I am a working actress. And I don’t have an entourage. Not a star. Not in
tabloids. The kind of girl who is sometimes recognizable-ish. Operative suffix
being “ish.” I don’t wait tables. I don’t have a side job. I am in the club of
the fortunate few that somehow make a living playing dress up. When it’s good,
it’s f-ing awesome. The other 300+ days, it’s harder than most would think.
Humbling. Grueling. Sometimes mind-numbing. But at the end of the day, it’s all
worth it. People often describe actors who pop onto the scene as “overnight
success stories.” Here’s the reality – it’s more like years of hustle + a
night. Welcome to the hustle.

~ The Working Actress
I find this quote to be refreshingly honest and brutally real. It’s what we all
can learn from in whatever profession we are situated. It’s a lot of work to get
to a destination worth traveling towards. It’s a lot of trying. It means putting
aside a lot of critics and moving forward no matter what people are saying.

The easiest way is to sit back and complain. The right way, though, is to take
what you got, make a new plan, and move forward! Eventually, everything is

Photo by Chris Murray
on Unsplash