Mystery and Freedom

For a very long time I have been longing to have a space on the internet where I
could just be and write whatever I want. A space that is not attached to a
previous history, a persona, an expectation.

Often I started the process of setting something up, creating a blog, a podcast,
or similar platform where I would be sharing my thoughts and ideas. Then I would
forget about it, tell someone, or think that I should just be strong enough to
just publish all of that under my real name.

But why not? Well, the main reason is that ideas are often received with
judgement — or at least that has been my experience in the past. Do I really
want all my explorations attached to myself? Sometimes I might be exploring
something that stains or just in general feel hurt.

Now I finally bit the bullet. I created this website to feel free in what I
desire to share with the world. Express myself in journaling, notes, and

Feel the freedom of mystery.

Photo by Andrew Neel
on Unsplash