Writing Alone in the Rain

Imperfection perfection. It’s a weird thing. I opened this blog August 2017. As mentioned in the Eye Gazing Article, at the time, I liked to spend a lot of time by myself.

In that time I created a lot of writing, but I never put it out there. I was afraid. Still holding back. Still learning to be ok with the imperfections, with putting something out there, getting - or not getting - feedback. Publishing.

Since then a lot has changed. My want for perfection is still powerful. I hope that’s never going away. But I am learning that published is better than holding back. So now I decided to release one of those pieces of writing:

Writing Alone in the Rain

It’s raining outside, it’s dark, and I am sitting alone. In a flat in a small town in Germany. Rain outside. Perfect for a slow, melancholic, reflecting day inside. No power. Just thought. Appreciation. And calmness.

It’s something so utterly different from what I am experiencing in the last few years. The constant wish for more excitement. More always on time. But I feel that I want to be alone. I want to think. And I actually like the calm. The times of exploring alone. It’s something that inspires me to go into smaller towns more. Exploring different areas. Not the big cities. Exploring nature.

Staying on a small island like Alonissos, Greece. Maybe some other Mediterranean towns and villages. Getting to know people there, finding new meaning, and exploring something different.

Let’s Publish More

Whether you are putting something on a Medium blog or simply use Facebook to publish a written post, it doesn’t really matter. Holding it will not change the world, but sharing it might. It might have an impact on one person. Maybe 100. Even more? It’s possible. But it’ll never impact anybody if you hold back.

Go out there and publish something. Some thoughts. Put them out there. Step out of your comfort zone. And once you do, send me a link to it, so we can grow together.