Goals Report — January 2018

My January 2018 Goals & Intentions Report

Early January I shared a list of my goals on this blog to hold myself accountable and do so in public. This here is my January 2018 goals report in which I go over each goal I set and the progress I made so far.

I have done monthly goals reports in private since 2014. It’s been helpful, but I lacked accountability. This is why I decided to go public this year. Try something new. All the goals reports for this year can be found in the category Monthly Goals Report.

My Goals 2018 Goals Breakdown

In the following paragraphs I am going into detail about each and every goal that I have set for myself in the beginning of the year and share my progress.

01 - Health & Fitness

0101 - I will easily do a 3-10 day juice fast by December 31, 2018

Result: No progress yet

Many nomads suggested that Indonesia would be the perfect place to do a juice fast. For now, I have no concert plans on when and how to do this.

0102 - I will easily meditate 3 times per week throughout 2018

Result: 12 Times

I meditated fairly regularly, doing 20-minute meditations at least 3 times per week. In addition to that, I learned more about Transcendental Mediation around mid-January. This transformed my meditation significantly moving away from Guided Meditation toward Unguided. The unguided transcendental meditation with a mantra feels more powerful, and I experience these having a more meaningful impact on my day.

I started to meditate more or less regularly about 5 years ago. At the time I used the app Calm for most of the time (I even had the subscription for one year). Those guided meditations are a great start, moving away from the guided part felt almost impossible, but once I tried it, I was amazed at how much of an impact that made. If you are doing guided meditations, I encourage you to try some sessions unguided. Just focus on the breath, maybe mentally saying “Breathing In, Breathing Out”, and see where that leads you.

0103 - I will easily practice (Acro) Yoga 3 times per week throughout 2018

Result: 11 Times

I practiced Yoga relatively regularly in January. I like to have a mix of Flow Yoga (morning) as well as Yin Yoga (evening) sessions. I usually do 30 minutes at a time. Yoga is an excellent contrast to the workouts. It’s more stretch focused and working on the core muscles.

0104 - I will easily workout 3 times per week throughout 2018

Result: 11 Times

I worked out relatively regularily with the Freeletics app. Having the structure of simple (no equipment needed) exercise is the best part about this. I prefer to do regular 10-30 minute workouts with body weight over any gym right now. Doing more of these also shows me how much time things generally take and I can start creating my own routines more easily.

0105 - I will easily go for a massage once per month throughout 2018

Result: one Massage

I went for one massage in January. I am planning to do this moving forward and maybe even increase in the month ahead. It’s time for relaxation, and reenergizing next to all the focused work that’s going on.

0106 - I will easily do 3 healing/therapy/coaching sessions per month throughout 2018

Result: 3 Sessions in January

I did 3 healing sessions in January. Working on my body, emotions, and mind. It’s powerful and nursing. It’s a completely new experience to work with a healer rather than a coach. Working on past experiences has helped me to work on blocks that I didn’t even know that they existed. Additionally, I also learned more about Transcendental meditation which changed the way I meditate completely (moving from Guided Meditations to Unguided).

02 - Money & Investing

0201 - I will easily make 10.000+ EUR per Month in Revenue by August 31, 2018

Result: In Progress

January was the highest earning month in a long time for me. Mainly with Consulting and Project Execution. I see others going into great detail with their exact numbers of income, but I am not ready to do that yet. I have plans for more products that I will develop in the next few months which will help me grow towards this goal in active as well as more passive income.

0202 - I will easily have 20.000+ EUR in my investment account by December 31, 2018

Result: No progress yet

I am working to transform my life this year. Savings are a big part of that. However, for now, I am working on investments and sustaining life more easeful. I am working on this in the next few month.

I also realized that the smartest thing would be to start saving 10% immediately (as I learned in Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins). As income exceeds my running expenses, I will start doing so.

0203 - I will easily have a system in place to continuously invest 10%+ of my earnings by December 31, 2018

Result: No progress yet

I have not set up any systems yet. This will be more interesting once other goals are in line and income is increased.

0204 - I will easily invest in a new MacBook Pro by August 31, 2018

Result: Goal Achieved - 28th January 2018

Towards the end of January, I decided that it was time for this upgrade. I had to take on a family loan to do it, but on January 24th I invested in my new 15” MacBook Pro with 3.1 GHz and a 4GB graphics card. It’s the top of the line machine that is currently offered by Apple, and it will surely help in creating more content, videos, edit photos faster, and overall be happier while working.

The main reason for me to upgrade my machine is that it is the one machine that I run every day for almost 50% of my waking time, 365 days a year. Getting this new computer is an investment in my business and myself. The fun I have working as well as the speed that I am able to work with. I have so many ideas that I want to realize this year and being slowed down by the MacBook only hinders me.

With this new machine I am able to serve you better, the community, other creators, and my clients. I can publish more efficiently and provide faster services.

What’s your oldest device? Are you still happy using it, or is it time for an upgrade?

03 - Business

0301 - I will easily publish 52 new videos on my YouTube Channel by December 31, 2018

Result: No progress yet

January was a video free month for me. I focused on other goals and client projects first.

0302 - I will easily publish 52 new blog posts on the MakeItYour.LIFE blog by December 31, 2018

Result: 5 Articles Published in January (5 total)

In January I published 5 articles on the MakeItYour.LIFE blog. On track with the goal of 52 blog posts this year.

0303 - I will easily send 52 new issues of my Newsletter by December 31, 2018

Result: 3 Newsletters Sent in January (3 total)

In January I sent 3 newsletters. I missed sending the newsletter that was meant to be sent on the 26th. I am committed to sending 52 newsletter issues so I sent one yesterday and will send this weeks newsletter on Saturday or Sunday to stay on track.

I realize more and more how challenging it can be to publish regularly and how building a schedule around it is very important, having time and place for when content is produced.

0304 - I will easily publish 52 new episodes on my new Podcast by December 31, 2018

Result: In Progress

The podcast is a whole new space for me. It’s exciting to get into audio, but at the same time, it is scary. I have yet to publish any episode. But I did some grunt work: bought the ATR2100 (Affiliate Link) Microphone and familiarized myself with Audacity and the different workflows to increase sound quality. It’s been fun to explore this new area of editing media as I had done audio editing about 13 years ago when I was in school but never did it since.

Next steps for this goal are:

  • Start recording audio versions of articles of this blog.
  • Create a SoundCloud Account for publication.
  • Publish said audio articles on SoundCloud.

0305 - I will easily grow my Instagram Account to 50.000+ Followers by December 31, 2018

Result: 28.000+ subscribers

Not much progress yet. I have been slow in publishing and engaging on Instagram in the past few month. It’s been a struggle next to all the other things that have been going on. I expect the new MacBook will help in a faster editing and publishing process. I also plan on engaging more with posts in the future.

0306 - I will easily grow my YouTube Channel to 10.000+ Subscribers by December 31, 2018

Result: 440+ subscribers

My YouTube Channel started out at about 400 followers in the first few days of 2018. As of today my channel has 441 subscribers and is growing at about 30 subscribers per month. At this rate, I will end up with about 700 subscribers by the end of the year. I will have to start publishing more content on the channel if I plan to reach this goal. For obvious reasons, this is also a goal that is impacted by the upgraded MacBook because the new video card is one of the leading improvements over my old MacBook (aka faster render speeds).

Next steps for this goal:

  • Make a plan what kind of videos I should produce next.
  • Setup a video studio in my future travel apartment in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Produce a bunch of video content while I am there.

0307 - I will easily create and publish consulting packages by January 31, 2018

Result: Halfway Done

This goal is halfway done. For now, I only published my pricing on the page as I have postponed the creation of more detailed packages and an improved landing page to be done in February.

Work With Me / Consulting & Project Execution

Next steps for this goal:

  • Create Packages
  • Update Landing Page

0308 - I will easily create and publish my first online course by February 28, 2018

Result: In Progress

This goal is on track. I have plans to get a nicer AirBnB apartment in Kuala Lumpur. There I am planning to get much more video content produced and also create this first online course.

In January I mainly worked on the concepts for different courses and also made decisions which to focus on first.

If you are reading this and you have any requests for a course from me, please send me a quick email. I am developing topics, but it would be even better if I could directly help you in what you need. I also plan on giving away a few courses for beta testers.

Next steps for this goal:

  • Book a good looking apartment in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Send a test video to the Udemy Course Creation Support Team.
  • Create the final concept and table of contents for the first course.
  • Write the course titles, description, and other copy.
  • Record, edit and publish the course.

0309 - I will easily organize and hold a workshop by December 31, 2018

Result: Goal Achieved - 21st January 2018

Together with Candice Wu, I organized and held an Interactive Intimacy Workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was a new and fascinating experience for me. I am looking forward to facilitating more workshops like it as well as workshops about other (more technical and business related) topics as the year continues.

0310 - I will easily launch WriterSprints.com and PushNotice.chat on ProductHunt by February 28

Result: In progress

I planned which features I have to remove, change, and what updates the projects need to be publishable.

Next steps for this goal:

  • Implement the changes which I want to do before the ProductHunt launch
  • Write all the copy for publication (Article on Medium, Description for ProductHunt, and Landing Page Text)
  • Publish both Projects on ProductHunt by the end of February

04 - Self-Development, Lifestyle, and Relationships

0401 - I will easily read 24 books to learn, grow, and enjoy by December 31, 2018

Result: 2 Books finished (2 total)

In January I finished two books that I had been listening in 2017 already.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself : Michael A. Singer (Affiliate Link)

A very transformative book. It was just the right book to read in the journey of my life right now. But I have one thing that bugged me: at least listening to it, it is very repetitive, the same words over and over again. And I feel like the whole book could be about half the size if it were more condensed and not drilling down each point five times.

Schwarm : Frank Schätzing (Affiliate Link)

A book that brought me back to about 15 years ago when I listened to the audiobook for the first time. It’s an incredible novel and long story. The audiobook has about 35 hours of listening time, and it is just so immersive. Another benefit for me was that it’s in German. I generally really like to consume almost all the things in English, but every so often it is very relaxing to listen to my mother tongue for some time.

0402 - I will easily attend at least 2 self-growth events or retreats by December 31, 2018

Result: No progress yet

I have some ideas of what events to attend but still looking.

0403 - I will easily stay in contact with all my family members on a regular basis throughout 2018

Result: On Track

I FaceTime called all my family members at least once in January. Staying in contact feels great, and having a deeper conversation every so often is really helpful to feel connected even if we are on opposite sides of the planet.

0404 - I will easily build the relationships I have and check in with the people I care most about throughout 2018

Result: On Track

I’ve been half-assed doing this in January, slacking a little bit. I could argue that I have been doing so much other stuff and that I have been focused on the moment. But in the end, there is always some time to connect. I will keep working on this.

0405 - I will easily schedule nice activities with my family members for the time when I am in Germany in 2018

Result: No progress yet

I have some ideas of what to do, but there are no concrete plans yet.

0406 - I will easily travel to and explore 2 new countries by December 31, 2018

Result: In Progress

I made plans to travel to at least three new countries this year. My up to date travel plan can be seen on my About Page but the next three countries are:

  • Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Flight Booked, February 16th to March 26th)
  • Bali, Indonesia (Flight Booked, March 26th into May)
  • Hawaii, USA (Planned for May to July)

0407 - I will easily go to meetups in the locations I travel to and meet inspiring and motivating people throughout 2018

Result: Kinda Failed in January

In January, I focused on a handful of personal meetings in Chiang May. Not going to any group events as they tend to be draining as long as I am in the state I am currently in of creating in my own bubble. Directing my energy outwards will come, but for now, I needed to stay on my own for the most part.

05 - Non Goals

In addition to my concrete goals above, I also have a list of Not-Yet-Goals. I treat these as ideas to keep in mind. There might be opportunities to make these happen.

  • Take Courses and Attend More Seminars to Improve and Become Better
    • Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Story Telling
    • Body Language, NLP, Cold Reading
    • Video Creation
    • Life Coaching
  • Refresh and Get to the Next Level Diving License (Advanced Open Water Diver)
  • Learn more about Relationships Styles, Open Communication, and Sex Education
  • Learn How to Shoot a Classic/Modern Bow and Arrow
  • Go Horseback Riding
  • Learn about Tantra
  • Have more experiences with Family Constellations, Breathing Workshops, Wim Hof Method, Embodiment
  • Learn to Listen, Ask Questions, Form an Opinion, and Speak Last

Random Achievements

I am very happy that I was able to create the workshop this month already. I didn’t believe it in the beginning, but it was a very enriching experience to lead it with Candice.

I’ve been going to a co-working space more often. It’s interesting how productivity changes by changing the environment every so often. Working there for a couple hours is very good for my level of focus.

I am currently quite content with doing work and not much more. But at the end of January Candice and I decided to rent a scooter to drive up the mountain Doi Suthep for some exploration of the waterfalls, nature out there, and a view over the city that I have spent almost 4 months in. It’s been great to see a different perspective and get some context of where I am.

February - What’s Coming

I had a marvelous January. It’s been transformational in many ways. Personally as well as in Business! But February will bring so much more. The first two weeks I plan to do mostly client work as well as preparation for the coming weeks in Kuala Lumpur. Videos and courses are on the forefront next to audio content for the podcast.

What are you working on in February? Where are you publishing, or what are you putting into the world? And how was your January? Have you been doing your best?

Let’s connect if you have any questions or feedback and: Enjoy February!