Caught Up in Romantic Phantasie

What is it about the romantic. About the movies. All the books. Why am I so caught up in those ideas? The ideals. While at the same time living life. Experiencing the unknown every day. Noticing the beautiful moments. The times of perfection without the perfect.

I get lost in the wonderful. Lose myself in the phantasies. And when I have something beautiful in real life? I miss it. I throw it away because it’s not good enough. I don’t have time for it — or rather: I don’t make time.

There are so many opportunities to be with people. To have significant connections. To breathe the same air. Touch skin. Feel close. But in my mind, I am still stuck with the perfection of Phantasie. Not taking a moment for it’s worth. Always imagining it to be better. Last forever. Be unchangeable. The forever and ever.

I know it’s imagination. I know that most things are not forever. And I experience that they don’t have to be. They are still unique. But how can I grow further into this realization? Make it easier to accept the imperfections.

I guess it’s about living those moments. Realizing what they are while they happen. Dealing with my emotions. The warmth, envy, jealousy, passion, uncertainty, strength, and heartbreak. While at the same time recognizing: that maybe there is no such thing as heartbreak.

It’s all about moments to enjoy. Life to cherish. Events of marvelous wonder. And perfection to remember.