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September 1st, I watched a movie. As I mentioned before, sometimes movies inspire some form of revelation. And this was no different. Especially right at the beginning of a new month. A new time. Oh, about time.

“Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don’t exist.”
~ Lucy in Lucy (2014)

The movie is all about time. It puts so many things in perspective. How important is matter? How important are things? Or is being all there is?

I can’t describe all that this film encompasses. There is just too much in there. And yet, it’s all well packaged in a thriller full of action and energy. But it’s much more than just blunt entertainment. It’s questioning our existence.

We humans are more concerned with having than with being.
~ Professor Norman in Lucy (2014)

And who doesn’t like to question their existence? I think it’s fun every so often. To me, it’s almost a constant thought. What should I do with my time? Why not work as a scientist? Or, am I having an impact on this world to the extent that I am capable of? Is this all there is? Am I giving enough?

So many questions! Always running through my head. And sometimes it’s overwhelming. Sometimes I wish I could dial all of them back a little. But that’s me. And I accept that.

But aside from questioning how all this relates to having and being. Professor Norman also mentioned another very thoughtful aspect:

“You know… If you think about the very nature of life - I mean, on the very beginning, the development of the first cell divided into two cells - the sole purpose of life has been to pass on what was learned. There was no higher purpose. So if you’re asking me what to do with all this knowledge you’re accumulating, I say… Pass it on…”
~ Professor Norman in Lucy (2014)

This continues to give me power in sharing more. Sharing thoughts, stories, and ideas. Sharing what I learn, the things I am thinking about. Surely it’s not always a revelation. It’s not genius every time. But to share ideas, I have to put them in a communicable format (writing, photography, or video), and while I do so, I have to think about what I want to present and how to do so. This process helps to refine my own thoughts. And admittedly you as the reader of this blog experience my thoughts in the making. Most of them are not yet developed to perfection. They are still fresh. And I might have an entirely new opinion in two weeks time. But I feel they are just as valuable. Especially to spark conversations, empower others to think about things, and to give me new learnings.

So I want to encourage you. Share your thoughts with the world, be part of the community. Participate in the building and sharing of knowledge, opinions, and conclusions.