Making My Bed Every Morning (Even While Traveling)

How do you start your day? Do you make your bed, or do you leave it rumpled until you return tonight? For a reason, I don’t know, I count to the group of people who enjoy making the bed in the morning. I sure don’t make it perfect every morning.

Then, recently, I read the article “5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed Every Day” and then also watched the video from an ex Navy SEAL commander about the same topic. Both of which have many points which I don’t want to repeat here. You can go read those or watch the video yourself. But I wanted to share my experience with making my bed:

While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.
~ Matt Bevin

As I mentioned in the beginning, I already started out making my bed almost every morning. But learning more about the habit, I realized, I do it more like a quick throw together, not caring about the details. So that’s something I want to be better at. Actually taking the time to make it look nice, not just clean.

What I also noticed: it somehow annoys me when I come back at night when I didn’t make my bed. And it kinda bothers me to see a bedroom from someone else who didn’t make the bed in the morning. It has a messy vibe. And somehow, I project that onto the rest of the day, for myself, and others. Where making your bed is so outright simple. You can start your day out with a win. A quick and easy win. And I enjoy that.

And since I don’t really have a bed of my own while traveling continuously. I still make my bed every morning. No matter if I am in a hotel. On a cruise ship. Sleeping on a couch (see the photo of this post). Or a shared room in a hostel. It doesn’t feel right to leave the bedroom without making the bed.

If you want to learn more about small habits and why making your bed is important. I’d recommend the book Make Your Bed (Affiliate). It’s a quick read with around 100 pages. Simple to digest. Yet powerful to adopt some of the ideas.

Are you a bed maker? Or do you like it messy? I added comments yesterday. So now we can engage in a conversation below. You can share your opinion, feedback, and thoughts there (please be kind to me and other). Enjoy the day, and make it your life.