7 Days of Daily Morning & Evening Yoga

A couple weeks ago I went on a weekend adventure. We went on hikes, go to the sauna and enjoyed the beautiful mountains being offline for a few days. No internet. No connection. But we could build the link with our body with Yoga. For me, this was maybe the 5th time of doing Yoga, but this time I got hooked. Since that weekend I incorporated a morning and evening practice into my days. With 30 minutes each, it’s attainable and has many lovely effects. The morning practice is more strength building. In the evening I do a Yin Yoga Session, which focuses on relaxation and stretches. Perfect right before bed time.

“Feel good, be good, and do good.”
~ Yogi Bhajan

It makes me feel great. It gives me energy, helps to slow down the monkey mind, and acts as a form of active meditation. I actually make time for it as well. Which, I struggled with for the longest time. Particularly with a meditation practice that’s: sit, breathe, and meditate. I see the value in it. But I can’t seem to fit it in my days. With Yoga, it’s different. By now I know the practices I go through. I know the moves. I can enjoy the routine. Make the moves, breathe, and slow down.

Doing Yoga twice a day, it’s pretty impossible to find a gym you can join to do it in a group. Also, the gym practice is more like 90 minutes than 30. But I found many free Yoga sessions on Youtube. So this way it’s so much simpler. I can do the workout at home. Right after rolling out of bed.

Again, as I have already mentioned in previous posts, it’s great to limit options. I downloaded one 7-day program for the strength building sessions. Once I reach the 7-day mark, I restart from the beginning.

For the evening routine, I have 3 sessions that I rotate or choose based on my liking. The videos are all about 30 minutes long, and I enjoy having two different instructors, so it’s not so monotone.

Getting back into my body feels great. To move. To stretch, And to build a practice and routine, I am more likely to stick to. And to work on it every day.

You might be wondering which sessions I do every day? I didn’t research for long. I rather took the first set that I liked and stuck with it. Based on the “Choose and Go” principle:

For the morning routine, I am using the Yoga Body Bootcamp - A 7 Day Challenge to Reset + Reconnect and restart once I reach the end.

In the evening I am circling between three sessions (Session 1 & Session 2 & Session 3). Having three is a limitation but also gives variability. This way I can switch it up, but it’s still memorable enough so that I have the meditative effect.

Making time for my body is a challenge. It’s not something that’s easy for me. I actually have to fight myself to sit down and do it. But I have done the session, I feel so much better!

What are your experiences with Yoga? Or do you do some other program? Let’s connect.