Google reader has died. Long life all the others.

Earlier this year Google announced that they will shut down their popular RSS reader service July first 2013. I will not discuss if it is a wise decision or not (my short thought is that I do not get it), but you probably should switch to an other service. I would like to show you three alternatives I found and like:

Feedly <>

It is a free RSS reader and works mostly like Google Reader and they even promised to mirror the API Google Reader provided which makes it easy for developers to migrate their apps (mobile and desktop) to this system. The best thing is that is working to support Feedly soon. They also provide their own reader apps for iPhone, iPad and Android but personally I have to say that I find those not very nice to look at.

Price: Free (as of 2013-06-18)

Feed Wrangler <>

This is the geeky alternative. I like David Smith’s work and love the idea of a full sustainable business behind an RSS reader. Remember: all the free services have to make money someday. Feed Wrangler works differently.

Sustainable — Feed Wrangler is funded directly by your ongoing support. It isn’t a fly-by-night outfit without a business model. You are my customer and it is my job to create and sustain a product you’ll want to continue to use.


In addition to the web-service he also provides an iPhone and iPad app (and not to forget there is an API too). So far I like the idea of a sustainable business and the thought he put into this service.

Price: $19/year

Feever <>

Shaun Inman is probably well known for his products Mint and currently for his project Retro Game Crunch but he also has had a RSS reader for several years now. The product is called Feever and the thought behind it is that you in comparison to the others run this service yourself on your own service. A great thought because you own your data and you do not have to worry about others knowing what you read and are subscribed to.

Price: $30 one time


I hope you can decide for yourself what service to use. I am currently monitoring Feedly and Feed Wrangler and have not really decided. For the beginning of the transition, I will probably stay with Feedly because it is free and since it should just serve a dump pip for me that is sufficient.

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Are you using a feed reader service? And which one do you use? I am still open to suggestions. Have a nice day.