Gear List Update

So my gear list changed. And it is major.

Working in the business of media and digital stuff, there is one device that is most important - a computer. I have switched form PC to Mac about 6 years ago and that was already a major change. At the time I switched to a basic white MacBook. About 3 years later, I bought a Canon 5D Mark II and as a result I had to upgrade my workstation to something much beefier to handle the new file-size. So, an iMac 27" joined the work-desk. But that brought a big problem with it. I now had to operate two machines. One on the go (MacBook) and one stationary for the work that needed the horsepower.

Now all is better

As of right now I am back to a one-machine-setup and it is great.

The new setup is back to a MacBook only. To be exact it is the MacBook Pro 15" Retina (AmazonDE / AmazonUS) with an 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Thats really fast and amazingly portable.

Mobility, the Display and Power

Probably the best about the switch is that the syncing is now no longer needed. I have most of what I need with me everywhere I bring my laptop and can work any place - this post is being written on a sunny balcony in Austria for example. That gives me the freedom I wanted over the last years. The screen might be smaller than the 27" iMac display but the fact that it is Retina makes up for that pretty easily. So far I have not opted to use an external display (except for movie watching). But what about the power? In my experience the new MacBook is even faster than my old 2010 iMac was. Maybe its because of the SSD. But also the RAM is greatly improved by 4 GB. I love the fact that this light and mobile device can handle all I currently need this well.

Data Storage

This is the only downside. But as far as I am concerned it actually is not that big of a deal. The 256 GB of data are not enough for a digital worker with a 5Dm2. But there is Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 to help with that. (Note: I will publish a post about my data storage and backup workflow soon.)


The switch is great and here is all there is to say about it in short:

  • great screen
  • great power
  • great mobility
  • no syncing required

I can not recommend this setup more. I love it. And am happy I made the switch. Oh and one more: this was a year-todo-list item of mine that is now checked about 7 Month earlier than expected.

What is your digital setup like? Do you run Mac or Windows, two machines and sync or just one? Let me know in the comments and have a nice day.