Simplify and Strive

Over the past weeks I published some articles which had todo with shutting stuff down, digital cleanup, merging projects and ending a project. This time there are some thoughts about the idea behind it.

I am an advocate of minimalism and try to implement the idea into many things. But sometimes I slip and things get out of hand. I try to get back to focus but it just does not work. Those are the times when I decide that I have way to much going on and need to strip down my todo list even if the stuff looks important to me.

The idea that hit me this time has been referenced by Chase Jarvis in his post Do Less = Do More. The Art of Being Creative + Productive. The bare bones of the idea are:

  • Do less (hint the title)
  • Split your day into fragments of work, breaks and free time
  • Find a balance (work and social life)
  • And thus accomplish more

This idea already resonated with me reading about it in The 4 Hour Work Week(AmazonDE / AmazonUS). It is not quiet the same but it comes close - I think.

As you already know by the posts I wrote, I had a lot going on and striped it all down by either shutting down, merging or having less on my daily todo. This not only helped me free up my schedule and todo list, it also helped me free up my mind. Now I can refill my day with the projects I really care about. I can only advice to do something similar. Keep the balance and focus on less. Let go of the projects you already work on but have no more passion in. Get to work on the stuff that you want to rock now.

I am excited to see the projects I have now to go live as well as that they rock someones world. But until then it is a lot of work to be done.

Let me know: do you have unfinished projects which you would rather kill than to keep them on your todo list? Do you even use todo lists? Have you ever thought of a digital sabbatical?