Photo Editing Tips

What helps more to get you better at something? Mostly: do it regularly.

I do not think you need the concept of “10.000 hours get you great at anything” but I do think that practice helps to get better. Why not practice photography equally. The past year I set up a reminder to edit 4 photos per week. I did this for the most part of the second half of 2012. But for 2013 I mostly stopped because of the fact that I had some different projects to work on (going into videography and rethinking my year-plan took a little longer). But still I did the mobile 365 that recently ended which kept me editing a bunch of photos each week (seven to be exact - you could guess that right). For now I have no such project like a 365 or 52 weeks but I am thinking about doing another. And that also is the tip: Have some steady project that will keep you taking and editing photos.

Have a project that keeps you taking and editing photos.

Not only will this help you eventually to take better photos it also builds your portfolio of wok. I especially noticed that with my self-portrait 365 project I have done in 2010. There are a bunch of ‘not so good’ photos in there but there are also some that I really like and show the quality I can put out there. The thing is: if I would have not done a photo a day, I would have not taken the shitty once but I would neither have taken the good once.

Keep taking and editing photos regularly.

How often do you edit photos? Do you take a lot of photos and than batch edit or do you take photos and edit as you share them? Let me know in the comments.