Digital Cleanup

Do you follow a lot and do you read a lot of the stuff that is being shared by the people you follow?

I always wonder if you can produce more and better if you follow a lot of people (eg. to get the creative input) or if you follow less people (eg. have more time for your projects). I think this is an interesting question. For now I answered by unfollowing a lot. Here are the stats what I did:

  • Deleted about 70 accounts in forums and other online platforms that I no longer used.
  • Removed about 50 rss-subscriptions from the list cutting it down to about 15 subscriptions
  • Unfollowed about 25 people on Twitter and also on Flickr and Facebook
  • Basically killed the account (removed Netbot from iPhone and iPad and started telling people on ADN to follow either on Facebook or Twitter)
  • Disabled all kinds of notifications (no email alerts etc.)

So far it helped me free up a lot of time - and brainpower -, it also got me back to not checking RSS every other minute - just the same happened to email. But the hard part of it is letting it go. To unfollow that many people (you previously thought would publish essentials to read) is not easy. I found it very hard to do because of the angst to miss something. But thus far, I am all good and happy about the change.

What do you think about this information overload and following a lot of people. Do you follow just to be followed or do you pick and choose whom to follow and what to read? Let me know in the comments section below.