365 Days are Over

There are this projects called ‘365 projects’. These come in various forms but the most common is the 365 photography project. I did those a couple times now - actually there are three, two mobile 365 photo projects and one self portrait 365 - and they are always great to do. The interesting thing is that every time I felt that it is great to have it finished since it is a lot of work and every time I feel that I need a break after the project. But on the other hand it also is sad just because it will be gone finished and I have to find something new.

About 365.3

Last year April first I felt the urge to start a new 365 project and simply did it. I kept it simple by setting the rule that the photos had to be taken by my iPhone (during the year I bought the iPad mini so that also got allowed) and the photos had to be edited and published using the iPhone / iPad. That’s all rules. The first month worked nicely. I took a photo every day. But coming closer to the end I forgot days and started to cluster the photo taking, editing and uploading together. That is probably not what a 365 photo project is originally about (and I will probably not do it this way again) but it worked for me. And in the end I found it still to be a great way to keep me photographing.

The thing about taking a photo each day is that I tend to take a couple great sharable pictures today and than tomorrow - and the day after - I have nothing that I think is good enough to post. The clustering helped me to get that out of the way but it kinda killed the whole idea of taking a photo each day.

And if you are wondering, here is the link - if you want - to see all the 365 photos taken between 01.04.2012 and 31.03.2013 Flickr and Facebook.

Doing it again

I plan on doing a project like this again and it will probably start sooner or later - but not today. I need a short break to think about the next thing and the way I will set the rules for myself. Oh, I do not even know if it is going to be 365 days or 52 weeks, if it is going to be video, photo or words, it could be anything. I am looking forward to it and I will sure blog about it when I am ready to tell you.

Have you done any 365 project(s), please let me know in the comments (including a link) I would like to see what you came up with. Have a nice day!