AIDvertisement Takedown

The last post about the redesign and simplification was a happy one and I am looking forward to the coming time. But now I have to tell you something sad. It is about one of my projects I started years ago called

The project was all about advertising organizations interested in a general welfare like for example “Greenpeace” and “Human Rights Watch”. The idea was that people who have their own website would include the provided JavaScript code into their web-site which would show the ad consisting of a 130x80 pixels image and ca. 130 characters of text beneath it. There would be four ads which equally showed for one month and than there would be other organizations). Nobody would pay or earn money but the organizations would get advertisement (or you could call it AIDvertisement) and thus reach a broader audience. I still believe the idea is a good one and overall the project was a little success but I am not overly happy with the results I had over the past years. AIDvertisement served more than 50 thousand impressions and ran on 10 sites at max. This is one of the reasons I am ending the project (too few sites).

I probably could spend more time improving and advertising AIDvertisement but I currently would rather concentrate on different projects and over the past month I noticed a theme: I always wrote something with “AIDvertisement” in the title onto my todo-list and eventually I would not do it because I spent my time doing other things instead. Thus decided to free my head and todo-list and get rid of one - or more - projects (same reason with the combination of and Thus the project will no longer be maintained and eventually shut down by the end of 2013 (approx. November 2013). I do this with regret because I still like the concept of the project but I do not want to push it off again and again and again thus I decided to better let it go than let it suffer.

So far this is all I have to say about AIDvertisement. I promise that the next topic will not be about me or this site but rather something different again.