It was about time to change some things around here. And so I did.

I setup this site ( a couple years back to serve me as a portfolio for my photography work and a way to show the world the things I see and freeze in time. So far it has been great but it seriously needed a new look and some new photos. This is what changed with this redesign:

New Design

The new design is overall not that different. The colors are mostly the same but it got a lot simpler and minimalistic. In addition to that I changed my approach about the blog posts. They are now shown as excerpts to make the archive easier to scroll and skim through (the RSS-feed is still full length posts). Also the mobile design changed accordingly and now there is no more menu button, instead the menu is just always there but with less entries, thus easier to browse.

New Portfolio Selection

With the last relaunch of (2011) I also changed my photo publishing on this site. Before 2011 I published a lot of photos in a blog like format. Now is a real portfolio with a selection of the work I put together. But that selection got a little outdated so I decided to put up a new set of photographs. In doing so I also added a new kind of portfolio page. It is called the Quick Portfolio and is a collection of the best of each category in one gallery. And if you get interested in a specific area you can browse that gallery individually.


Simplification and less attention-spreading. Two sites are now one.

Previously I managed two blogs (the CHRISSP and the CSPIEGL blog). Now I decided to combine those blogs to one. They are now both at I imported most of the blogposts I wrote on into this feed so if you wonder why you read so much about but originally subscribed to I hope you will still like the content.


I had comments disabled for the most part on this site. Now I changed that for better conversations and more interaction. So please feel free to write me in the comment section below (you can also use twitter or email [email protected]) what you think about the redesign and combination of the two sites.


I am very happy with the redesign and portfolio selection. And I am looking forward to updating all this more often. So please subscribe to this site either via RSS or follow me on Facebook or Twitter and stay tuned.