Relaunching 2013

I relaunched this blog many times before. This time it will be the same. And here is what changed and will change:

  1. I moved back to WordPress (away from Second Crack)
  2. The FridayWallpaper posts are gone
  3. I have a new schedule but will not talk about it
  4. New topics and posts

Why WordPress (again)?

I moved to SecondCrack the last time I relaunched this blog. And I not just installed it and used it, I also created a fork on GitHub and tried to make it better (I actually implemented some features I really missed in the original one). But SecondCrack is, just the way Marco Arment (the creator of SecondCrack) wrote and sad:

Second Crack should be considered an early alpha. Even though I've run with it for a long time, it's still rough and unfriendly.

I found the platform to work really well. And I somewhat liked the idea that it is all precompiled and really easy for the server to serve (since it is all html only) but it has its edges. And I am a long time friend of WordPress anyhow.

There is one more reason that made me want to go back to WordPress. It is not just expendable very easily but there is a plan to make it even better. The project Ghost which is better described in the blog post and concept by John O'Nolan. I am really looking forward to this aspiring project to see the light. And since it will probably be launched as a WordPress plugin first, it is a good place to be.

Why are the FridayWallpapers gone?

I do photography and other stuff. So far so good. But is this personal blog the right place for a photography project to be published? I do not think so. And that is the reason why I decided to bring the photography projects and posts back to my photography centric site And it is not just this one series of posts that will move. In the long run, I will no longer post photography stuff here but just over at the This makes both sites a little more structured and content prove.

New Schedule?

Well, a new schedule is fine, but why not tell anybody?

I am a big fan of goal setting and thats nothing new. Since I read a lot about it, I came across an interesting study which stated that: If you tell everybody what you are about to do, you are less likely to actually do it.

And that is basically the foundation of this. First of all, I do not want to have a pressure and second I would like to be open to do what I want with this site. Still I have a minimum schedule I want to post here.

Topics and Kinds of Pots?

For this year and site, I will now (finally) try to find a voice that suites me. The past few weeks I have thought a lot about my online presence and what I write about and how. And what I have noticed is that I will leave out a lot that I might should actually be posting. I will try to get this right now.


So, now you know what changed. And now it is my turn to actually do it. I hope you will stick with me and just as always: feel free to contact me!