First Day of 2013

The last day of 2012 is over. The first day of 2013 nears its end. And some goals are set some are not.

What do you think about goal setting? Please let me know: Twitter @CHRISSPdotCOM.

My opinion is that it helps. And especially the end of a year - or rather: the start of a new year - is probably the best moment to think about the gone year and make plans for the next. I still belief in changing plans on the go if necessary or fit.

One of my goals for 2013 has been to find, purchase and install a new backup and file-storage solution for my photos and other files. It was clear that it would need a good RAID to at least protect the stuff from HDD-Death so I looked at either purchasing two external drives, one external drive with internal RAID or a disk-mirror solution with two 'internal' drives used via a USB-Dock.

In the end I decided on something different.

I just purchased a used DroboPro 8-Bay today (and some SATA drives, obviously). So I can now give the first goal on the list a check-mark.

I am looking forward to the other goals. Most of them are not as easy and many require me to do something on a regular basis. But I am just getting started.

Hope you started your year just as powerful.