Piwik starts Crowdfunding

I have discovered Piwik some month ago and started using it. But that is a different post.

We need direct sponsoring and donations to achieve Piwik 2.0 in 2013 rather than 2014 or later.

Just now I read that Piwik (the open-source website analytics project) will start crowdfunding features and in total the faster development towards v2.0 and beyond. I really like the approach to let the people in the community, who are not interested in (or capable of) developing for Piwik themselfs but want to help this awesome project strive to replace Google Analytics.

What I personally especially like: they do not 'give you the feature for sponsoring' but rather give you other revards. That way they still hold up the Open-Source thought strong.

They really need every cent. Might as well spend your christmas money there.