The Clickery launch

One of my new endevaors is called Team MaCh(es).me (I already told you a little about it) which is about developing some little things to make the world better. The first thing we started has been an app called Clickery. Our website went live the first of December 2012 but the interesting part happened on December second. We launched Clickery in the Apple App Store.

My Experience

We are as small as 'we' can be defined. We are two developers doing our thing. And Clickery is just the first thing.

The launch went better than we expected it to be. We were featured in over 150 countries in the category Productivity (free as well as overall). Not just at launch day but on some days after that as well. We are as of this writing still featured in the German App Store. And not just that: we also cracked into the rankings of the top 1000 (in category Productivity) in several countries.

So overall: I can not complain. I am happy with the launch and the download numbers. But it is not over yet. We have some things in the kitchen.