Sublime Text 2: Build Systems

In the search for a new text editor I stumbled upon Sublime Text 2 a few weeks ago. But with a new editor there are many nice things (especially with an awesome editor like ST2) but there are also some downsides. One of the down (but kinda upsides too) are the build systems. I especially need the build systems for Java and C/C++ for the university and those are in fact already in place but they are a little too basic for me so I build some my self - both of which are managed in my SublimeText2-BuildSystems Github-Repository.

How do those work?

Both of the build-systems (JavaC and CC) basically work the same way. They both consist of two files. One .sublime-build file for the ST2 settings and the command which is called to start the compiling and the run. The other file is a bash script which is called by Sublime Text to run the compiler and if compiling was successful run the executable in the Terminal.

This two build-systems are tailored to be used on a Mac OS X system. I have not tested and do not belief they work on Windows nor Linux (they use bash scripting specific to the

A setup guide is located in the at Github.


Those are very basic and I will probably update them in the coming weeks / month. But for now they are exactly what I wished for. Feel free to fork the build systems and change them. Please file a issue or pull request if you have any idea on how to make them better.