Entrepreneurship Summit 2012

The Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 in Berlin is a German conference so the links are not that interesting for everybody not speaking German, sorry.

This Summit is about creating startups and new companies. But do it in a non standard fashion. It is a conference of very intersting people, great for networking and very inspiring keynotes. The best thing about this conference are the people you meet. For everybody who was not able to attend, here are most of the talks on Youtube (like I sad, sadly they are in German).

The keynotes I can highly recommend are:

  • Discover your Potential: This talk is real burner! It is all about potential and getting yourself into the mood to learn new stuff (but while having fun).
  • Burn your Business Plan: I found this keynote especially interesting because Mr. Osterwalder does his talk in a for me new fashion. He draws on an iPad to show what he is talking about. I found this very new and inspiring!

And if you are in Germany next year in October, I highly recommend you attend the Summit in Berlin! More information can be found online at entrepreneurship.de/summit/.