Movie: Food Inc.

I am not American (and this movie is focused a lot on the american marked situation), but this certainly is a problem at global scale. Food being produced on large scale is not new but it is something we have more and more problems with. Some of which are being showcased in this movie.

You can vote to change the system.

Three times a day.

~ final credits - Food Inc.

What shocked me the most is that -more than once- the movie states that money decides on the kind of food you can buy. Which essentially means: the poor get fat and eat unhealthy. Not because they are stupid to eat the bad food but they simply do not have the money to buy the good food.

In the end it comes down to all of us. In the end, we are the 'decision makers'. We decide what we eat and how the system evolves. If we demand healthy food and meat, the farmers will deliver. If we buy only the cheap stuff, we will get the cheap and unhealthy stuff.

I can only hope you watch this movie. It is not too bloody but shows a good deal of the system and makes you understand it a little better.