Movie: Teenage Paparazzo

This movie is about the (at the time 14 year old) paparazzo Austin Visschedyk and it is crazy. This boy is working like an adult paparazzo at hours normal 14 year olds are long in bed. This story alone is blasting. How he can bring up the energy, self confidence and outright focus. But I think there is more than a interesting story about a kid. This movie unveils so much about the relationship between celebrity and paparazzo that I think it probably is most interesting to celebrities and paparazzos them self. They should watch this movie to understand the other side of the business.

For a normal person, there are three things to take away:

  1. Focus on what you love but sometimes take a step back and look at the direction you are heading
  2. Paparazzo are there for us to get an insight into lifes which are a projection of ourself. Better focus on what really is around you.
  3. Everybody would like to be famous, but do we really need to be? And if you would like to be famous, what for would you be like to be famous for. Decide that first.

I found a great summary of the movie on IMDB and could not have put it any better:

All in all, "Teenage Paparazzo" is a must see! If you are a fan of any celebrity, director, or anyone else in showbiz, this is a must see for you. If you are into the whole celebrity gossip thing, you should see it as well. I would say this should be a mandatory screening for the paparazzi because they should see what they do to celebrities. Their actions really go beyond any civil measure of trying to make money and how they are allowed to do what they do still amazes me. I applaud and admire Adrian Grenier for creating a documentary that brings up the topic...

~ MovieManMenzel