Safari Keyword Search Extension

Sometimes I like to change browsers. I was a Firefox geek a long time ago. Then switched to Safari. Last year I started to use Chrome and just some days ago, I am back to Safari. But I always have some features I learned to love which are not supported in the 'new' browser of choice. One of such things is the fact that Chrome can set 'custom keyword searches', which I like to abuse for 'shortcut bookmarks'.

But Safari supports extensions right. So I searched and found one. It is called Safari Keyword Search and works like a charm. It makes keyword search really easy and is very customizable (after installing the extension do a right click on any website in Safari and there will be a menu item called 'Keyword Search Settings...').

Other than keyword search, this extension also can set a new default search engine (Safari is basically bond to the 3 in the Preferences). But this plugin is able to reset the search engine. And I currently like to go with as noted in the last post.

Some Keywords I use