URL: Shorten Yourself

Twitter made URL shortening mandatory but that also has some problems. The services by bit.ly, Twitter itself, goo.gl and the others are great but all of them have one thing in common: they do not guarantee that they will be there forever. That itself would not be that big of a problem but imagine the following:

You post your shortened URL somewhere to point to your website. The service you used to shorten the URL than closes shop and the domain is bought by some advertising agency or even worse some dubious content producer who uses the traffic all the short URLs generate to promote his stuff. Do you really want to run into this kind of issue?

I decided that I would rather run my own URL shortening server. So I did a quick search for scripts to host your own shortening service but realized that I am not very happy with what is out there, so I decided to write one my self and publish it Open-Source.

The Code is available at GitHub: PHPShortURLite

The functionality

  • Shorten URLs
  • Create custom short URL tags
  • Basic Authentication (Usersnames + Auth_Key in config.php file)
  • Bookmarklet generator
  • Uses SQLite DB instead of MySQL
  • Caches URLS to reduce SQL statements
  • Tracks basic stats (tracking is already built in, analysis coming)

Important to note

This is still in development and not near to being usable for a non geek. But I am happy for issues and pull requests on GitHub to get this thing up and running.

For more information about PHPShortURLite please contact me via the info given at the About page.