Force SSL

Having as much online as we have nowadays, one should think about security sometime. I just did the past days, the thing is that it is not only about secure unguessable passwords but all the good passwords are worth nothing if you are surfing with an insecure connection. Doing logins without SSL (HTTPS connection) in a public WIFI can be very dangerous. One thing that I found was Firesheep. The Firefox plugin is a little old but it demonstrates what non SSL connected users have to fear.

The bright side of the coin: some services provide a setting to use SSL only (services I know support this: Facebook, Gmail as well as GitHub and BitBucket) and the others? For Firefox and Chrome there are plugins to prefer HTTPS and try to use it wherever possible. Sadly there is no Safari extension I know of (as of this writing).

Plugins / Extensions


Prefer HTTPS is even better than EFF.